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Anaconda, Kings Dominion - Review

Anaconda - Review

Kings Dominion

Ride Facts and Info

Arrow Steel Looper built over water, and featuring a 126 foot underwater tunnel with splash effect as the train goes in and out of the tunnel.

Ride Layout

The train leaves the station and climbs the lifthill, where it takes a left-hand twisting drop down into an underwater tunnel. The train then climbs out of the tunnel and enters a 360-degree Vertical Loop followed by a Sidewinder inversion. Shortly after the train hits the Midcourse Brakes and almost comes to a complete stop.

The second part of the ride begins with some twisting and turning, which is followed by two Corkscrews just above the water. The train then takes a left-hand turn and comes back around into the station.

Ride Evaluation

I first rode Anaconda in 1995 and I do not recollect being too impressed, however, in 2001 the ride received a paint job and seemed to be running quite smooth. Unfortunately, this smoothness didn't last, and in 2003 I found Anaconda to be just your typical Arrow coaster, with an advantage of a nice setting.

The section between the Midcourse Brakes and the Corkscrews is quite uncomfortable, but the Corkscrews are quite good because they are taken quite slow and feature some good hang-time.

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    Ride Experience:  6/10
    Theming:  5/10
    Landscaping:  8/10
    Queuing Area:  7/10
    Station:  7/10



    Times Ridden:  4
    Best Seat:  1:1
    Best Part of the Ride:  1st drop
    Popularity:  75%
    Satisfaction:  64%
    On-ride Photo:  Yes

    Riding Sensations
    Airtime:  Low
    Lateral G's:  Medium
    Positive G's:  Medium
    Out of Control:  Low-Medium
    Intensity:  Medium
    Discomfort:  Medium

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