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Deja Vu, Six Flags Over Georgia - Review

Deja Vu - Review

Six Flags Over Georgia

Ride Facts and Info

Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang. The ride has 1 train with 8 cars. Each car has 4 seats positioned in a v-shape, so that the two outside seats are set back from the two inside seats. Restraints consist of overhead shoulder restraints with a fastening hook at the side, plus a seat belt.

Ride Layout

The ride has a tradional Boomerang layout with two lifts, a Vertical Loop, and a Cobra Roll inversion. The main differences are that the track is inverted (like the Vekoma Invertigo model), the lifts are vertical, and the whole structure is a lot bigger.

The train leaves the station backwards and climbs a 196-foot vertical tower, which leaves riders dangling face down. The train is then released from the lift droping forwards back down the tower and through the station. The train then enters a 100-foot tall Cobra Roll, before dropping back down and entering a 102-foot Vertical Loop. After this, the train climbs back up a second 196-foot vertical tower, where it it is pulled close to the top via a cable. The whole process is then repeated backwards.

Ride Evaluation

Unfortunately the ride was not in operation on my visit, but you can read a review at the Six Flags Magic Mountain or Six Flags Great America park reviews.

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