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Joker's Jinx, Six Flags America - Review

Joker's Jinx - Review

Six Flags America

Ride Facts and Info

A Premier Rides steel coaster, commonly referred to as a spaghetti bowl coaster due its mass of twisted track. It features a 0-60 mph LIM launch in just 3.5 seconds, as well as four inversions. The ride has an identical layout to Flight of Fear at PKI and PKD. The main differences are that Joker's Jinx is not enclosed, and is not themed. The ride also only operates with two trains, and does not feature a midcourse brake.

Ride Evaluation

Prior to 2002, the ride had overhead shoulder restraints which were very claustrophobic and smelly, and resulted in lots of headbanging. I found the headbanging more noticeable on Joker's Jinx than any of the other spaghetti bowls even with the OTSR's. However, since the trains were fitted with lapbars in 2002 headbanging is non-existent, and it is now a fun and thrilling ride with a great start and finish, but a somewhat slow and dull middle.

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    Ride Experience:  7/10
    Theming:  6/10
    Landscaping:  6/10
    Queuing Area:  6/10
    Station:  7/10



    Times Ridden:  3
    Best Seat:  1:1
    Best Part of the Ride:  Corkscrew
    Popularity:  90%
    Satisfaction:  72%
    On-ride Photo:  Yes

    Riding Sensations
    Airtime:  Low
    Lateral G's:  Medium
    Positive G's:  High
    Out of Control:  Medium-High
    Intensity:  Medium-High
    Discomfort:  Low-Medium

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