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Megafobia, Oakwood Leisure Park - Review

Megafobia - Review

Oakwood Leisure Park

Ride Facts and Info

Megafobia is one of those rides that everyone has heard of, but very few people have actually ridden. It has been rated amongst the top wooden coasters in the world for several years, which is quite a spectacular feat considering it is located in the middle of nowhere. This Wood Twister represented CCI's breakthrough into the European market, and as a result was constructed at Oakwood for a very modest price.

The ride is set at the back of the park, with a boating lake on the left side, and a field on the right side. The ride features two PTC trains (one red and one blue) with seat belts and individual recheting lap bars for restraints. The queuing area is nice, and the ride features a wooden station.

Ride Layout

The ride begins with a left-hand turn out of the station, which leads into the lift. At the top of the lift, the track features a very small drop allowing the train to pick up a little speed around the left-hand turnaround the follows. The first drop is 57 degrees and features several headchoppers on the way down, including two cross-overs and some trees. The drop is very steep for a woodie, and due to the trees and track it almost seems like the train is dropping into a tunnel!

Expect massive ejector air in the back of the train, in fact probably some of the best I've experienced! Riders of the back seat of Cyclops at Big Chief Karts and Coasters will know what to expect! The first drop curves to the left at the bottom and almost makes a complete left turn as it rises up into the next hill, giving a small pop of air in the front of the train. There then follows a smaller drop, and then a left-hand turnaround which became more intense as the day went on.

The drop after the turnaround produces yet more sensational ejector air for the back of the train, before taking a gentle gradient up and under the track into the fourth hill. The fourth drop also provides some good air, but only in the back. There is a good pop of airtime in the front as the train makes its next climb; this is shortly followed by a sharp right-hand turn. A fast straight section of track then follows before the train takes another fast right-hand turn.

Two drops follow, delivering substantial air in the back on both drops, and floating air in the front on the second hill. A right-hand turnaround is next, followed by a series of twisting bunnies in a convoluted section of track. The airtime fizzles out in the front, but remains almost constant in the back, but at this point the ride also features some great laterals, and feels very out of control. The ride makes a final right turn, climbs a tiny hill, and takes a small drop that leads to the brake run, where the comes to an end.

Ride Evaluation

My first ever ride on Megafobia was in the morning riding in the front seat, and at that moment in time I found the ride a little disappointing. The ride was fast and smooth, but seemed to be lacking in airtime and laterals. However, a ride in the back seat soon cast my doubts aside as the ride was loaded with airtime and surprising laterals. During the course of the day, Megafobia was getting better and better, and by late evening rides in the front were fun, but the back was awesome with airtime on nearly every hill.

Megafobia is a great woodie and has no brakes, other than those at the end of the ride. It has a very twisted layout, and makes about 10 cross-overs, and runs smoothly throughout the entire circuit. If the ride has more trees and perhaps a tunnel or two it would probably make my top 5 favorites woodies, but as it stands now it just makes the top 10, which considering I've ridden over 100 woodies, that's pretty good going.

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    Ride Experience:  9/10
    Theming:  5/10
    Landscaping:  7/10
    Queuing Area:  8/10
    Station:  7/10



    Times Ridden:  10
    Best Seat:  6:2
    Best Part of the Ride:  1st drop
    Popularity:  100%
    Satisfaction:  90%
    On-ride Photo:  Yes

    Riding Sensations
    Airtime:  Extreme
    Lateral G's:  Medium-High
    Positive G's:  Medium
    Out of Control:  High
    Intensity:  Medium-High
    Discomfort:  Low

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