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Cyclops, Mt. Olympus Theme Park - Review

Cyclops - Review

Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Ride Facts and Info

This small short woodie has some major ejector air in the back seat, that much in fact that you actually have to be 18 or older to ride in the back car. The ride is built by CCI and features PTC trains with buzzbars and seatbelts.

Ride Layout

The ride begins with a right-hand turnaround out of the station and on to the lift. The 70-foot lift rises diagonally towards the left and passes under some branches of trees on the way up. The first drop curves to the left and produces a small amount of air in the back seat on the way down. The drop and the following climb result in an almost full 180-degree turn.

The second drop is small, but produces some good airtime in the back seat. The train then climbs back up to produce a noticeable portion of airtime in the front, before taking a small left-hand curving drop. The curve continues as the train passes underneath part of Zeus, and then rises up again. Now traveling straight, there is a very small dip, followed by a right-hand turn, and another small dip underneath the lift hill.

There then follows a very sharp right-hand turn, and then a small flat section of track leading to the coaster's biggest drop. The following drop is only 75 feet, but it produces some of the most intense ejector air on any coaster. With my loose seatbelt I was thrown into the buzz bar, which also lifted, and forced to grab hold of the rail to stop myself being ejected - total airtime heaven! The drop curves to the right at the bottom, and enters a small 2-foot dug out canyon.

The right-hand curve continues into the following climb, which is followed by a small drop into a long banked right-hand turnaround. The turn leads to a sudden stop on the block brakes, before a right-hand turn back into the station.

Ride Evaluation

Cyclops provides a smooth ride, with one or two great pieces of air in the back seat, but relatively little elsewhere. The ride is short with a compact layout, and contains very few surprises. The terrain is also a little sparse, as the ride sits on the edge of the park. The ejector drop makes Cyclops well worth riding, but other than that, it's nothing too special.

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    Ride Experience:  7/10
    Theming:  5/10
    Landscaping:  7/10
    Queuing Area:  6/10
    Station:  7/10



    Times Ridden:  5
    Best Seat:  5:2
    Best Part of the Ride:  5th drop
    Popularity:  90%
    Satisfaction:  75%
    On-ride Photo:  No

    Riding Sensations
    Airtime:  Extreme
    Lateral G's:  Low-Medium
    Positive G's:  Low-Medium
    Out of Control:  Medium
    Intensity:  Medium
    Discomfort:  Low

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