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Bobbejaanland - Review


Park Info
Location: Lichtaart, Antwerpen, Belgium
Status: Operating
Attractions: 25
Member Ratings
Park: 6.6/10 (10 votes)
Coasters: 5.5/10 (61 votes)
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    Bobbejaanland - Review

    Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 18-Mar-2003 | Based on 1 visit in 09/02

    Bobbejaanland is a family theme park located in the midst of the fens and woods of the green Kempen. The park was named after the country and western entertainer Bobbejaan Schoepen, who set up the park in 1961 as a place to perform after he grew tired of touring the world.

    I picked up a brochure on the park from the hotel we were staying at in Belgium, and after tiring of Walibi Belgium in less than two hours, we had five hours left to get to Bobbejaanland, ride all the coasters, and get to the airport. I love adding bonus parks to my trips, especially ones I'd previously never even heard of.

    Bobbejaanland is not the easiest park to find, but fortunately it is well sign-posted; it just seems to be located in a strange place! We had to travel through a residential area, and then ended up in the middle of nowhere when all of a sudden we found the park, unfortunately, a storm found the park at the same time we did, and the heavens opened up! After sitting in the car for 20 minutes, I could see the rides were still operating despite the downpour, so I put on my poncho and we braved the weather.

    The car park was quite busy, and we had to park on the water-logged grass, fortunately the lines in the park were not bad at all. The park entrance was not very nice, and looked more like the entrance to a state penitentiary than an entrance to a theme park, fortunately, the farther you get back into this long narrow park, the more attractive it becomes! There's a lake in the middle of the park, quite a lot of flowers, some trees, and a nicely themed country and western area.

    The park itself has very little to offer for thrill seekers, but there are lots of attractions for the family to enjoy! It is very clean and tidy, the staff are friendly, and there are also several indoor attractions, but the most impressive thing about this park is its uniqueness. There are dozens of attractions that you don't find at many other parks, including a themed indoor water ride (Indiana River), a river rapids ride with a whirlpool (El Rio), a Suspended Coaster with aeroplane themed cars (Air Race), a dual track wild mouse (Speedy Bob), and a huge indoor Children's Playland.

    As for the food, I don't usually eat at theme parks because I generally find the food quite bad and/or expensive, but on this occasion it had more appeal than the aeroplane food I was going to be suffering in about four hours time. So I eat some food at the park and I was actually quite impressed, I even went back for more! The burgers were being cooked on the grill by a singing chef, and after we'd finished our food a member of staff asked us some questions about the food and the park in general. When asked what I thought of the park I said 'it's a very nice family park and certainly worth a visit', when asked how Bobbejaanland could be improved, I replied 'build more coasters'! Strangely enough, they've got two new coasters planned within the next couple of years!

    Overall, I was very surprised by the park, and enjoyed my short stay, in fact I would have liked to have stayed longer. While it was no thrill park when I visited, it seems to be coming one, and its uniqueness makes it worth a visit. I would definitely recommend visiting the park if you are in Belgium.

    Coasters:  6/10
    Dark Rides:  6/10
    Flat Rides:  7/10
    Kiddie Rides:  7/10
    Water Rides:  8/10
    Cleanliness:  10/10
    Food:  8/10
    Landscaping:  7/10
    Theming:  7/10
    Staff Friendliness:  9/10
    Staff Efficiency:  8/10



    Ideas for Improvements
  • Add a wooden coaster.
  • The park could do with some improvements around the entrance area.
    Bobbejaanland Tips
  • Don't be put off if the weather is bad as there are several indoor attractions.
  • Most of the staff seemed to understand English so there shouldn't be a language problem.

    Member Reviews
    “My Bobbejaanland visit in 2001 was a nice surprice, it's a nice and tidy clean park wich contains se...” Read More

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