Heide Park - Review

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Heide Park - Review
Heide Park - Park Info
Location: Soltau, Niedersachsen, Germany
Website: http://www.heide-park.de
Status: Operating
Opened: 1978
Attractions: 42

Heide Park - Review
Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 19-May-2004 | Based on 1 visit in 04/04

Heide Park opened in 1978 as a small picturesque park with just 6 rides and a small show, since then the park has grown into North Germany's largest theme park with over 40 rides and attractions set in 850,000 sqm of parklands. The park, which was founded by the Tiemann family, was taken over by the Tussauds Group in 2002, and receives over 1.5 million visitors each year.

Upon entering Heide Park the first thing you notice are the wonderfully themed buildings of Heide Village. Here you take a step back in time to traditional building styles consisting of thatched roofs and half timbered walls, with everything here being authentically crafted; the same can also be said for the Dutch Quarter. The theming doesn't end here though, for there are a plenitude of themed buildings throughout the park, as well as several theming props, most of which are crafted by the parks very own craftsmen.

As you stroll further into the park you begin to become overwhelmed by the parks beauty, as you are greeted by flowerbed after flowerbed, hundreds of trees and shrubs, and a large lake at the center of the park. The park is exceptionally landscaped, spotlessly clean, very well maintained, and there are signposts just about everywhere.

As for rides, Heide Park certainly has a lot to offer. There is an almost unprecedented amount of water rides in the park ranging from canal boats, a steamboat, a raft ride, river rapids, two log flumes, and a fairy story boat ride. The park has a wide selection of flat rides, both old and new, several of which are located in a convenient circle. In 2003 they added the world's tallest Gyro Drop Tower, Scream, which stands at nearly 338 feet, and drops riders 233 feet at speeds reaching nearly 62 mph.

The park does not have a large collection of roller coasters, but there is certainly enough variety to keep general park visitors happy, as for roller coaster enthusiasts, the park's wooden coaster, Colossos should be more than enough to keep you occupied. I managed to clock up 23 rides on Colossos in just one day, and I could have ridden many more times but I choose to enjoy the rest of the park.

Heide Park is also home to a variety of shows, including the popular Sea Lion Show, and the Dolphin Show, there are also several transport style rides, as well as an observation tower. For kids, there is a small selection of kiddie rides, as well as two play areas that contain several bizarre slides and climbing nets.

Food wise, the park offers a variety of restaurants and fast food outlets at reasonable prices. I ate at the 'Panorama' restaurant, which offers an all-you-can eat buffet for just 8 euros, and the food and setting were both very nice.

It's hard to judge the friendliness of the staff since most of them didn't speak any English, although this didn't cause a problem, but I did notice that they were quite slow on one or two rides. One staff member did annoy me by not allowing me to wait for the front seat on Colossos, instead he directed me to row 3, whilst he let the riders in rows 1 and 2 stay on, that was not good.

A couple of things I didn't like about the park were that they charge for park maps, even though it's only 50 cents, I think it is wrong to charge. Also they have attendants on all of the toiletten (restrooms) who collect money from you each time you visit. I had no currency on me whatsoever, so I couldn't buy a park map, or go to the restroom when I needed to. I later found out that a charge for the restroom is not compulsory, but it makes you feel bad for not leaving a tip, so make sure you have some change.

Overall, Heide Park is a beautiful place with some wonderful themed buildings and a great variety of rides. The park has something for all members of the family, and roller coaster enthusiasts should be more than satisfied with Colossos. This was a great day out which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I would highly recommend the park to anyone.

Member Ratings
Park: 8.2/10 (29 votes)
6.5/10 (205 votes)
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Coasters:  7/10
Dark Rides:  N/A
Flat Rides:  7/10
Kiddie Rides:  5/10
Water Rides:  8/10
Cleanliness:  10/10
Food:  8/10
Landscaping:  9/10
Theming:  9/10
Staff Friendliness:  8/10
Staff Efficiency:  7/10



Ideas for Improvements
  • Build a world class steel coaster.
    Heide Park Tips
  • If you have a Tussauds annaul pass, present it at the ticket booth for a complementary ticket.

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    Member Reviews
    “Awesome amusementpark. Colossos is the greatest one. Love it....” Read More
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    Heide Park - Roller Coasters
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    1. Colossos - Review 9.13 39
    2. Krake 8.40 5
    3. Flug der Dämonen 8.00 1
    4. Desert Race 7.93 15
    5. Schweizer Bobbahn - Review 6.14 36
    6. Big Loop - Review 5.78 37
    7. Limit - Review 5.78 32
    8. Grottenblitz - Review 5.03 34
    9. Indy-Blitz 3.83 6

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