Q. SEO / Advertising Enquiries

Search Engine Optimization

We are NOT interested in paying for SEO services.


Our advertising quota is already full and we are not interested in working with any other companies at this time.

Q. Will you Link to my web site?

Answer: NO

Coaster Grotto does not provide a linking facility. Feel free to link to any of our pages, but not directly to images as this is bandwidth theft and images will not display in forums or other web sites.

Q. Can I use your photographs?

Answer: NO

Coaster Grotto prides itself on providing our visitors with unique quality content that you will not find on other web sites. All of the photos on Coaster Grotto are taken myself (the Webmaster), or by a member of the Coaster Grotto team. We only accept user contributions for brand new roller coasters that we have not yet had the opportunity to photograph, and these constitute less than 1% of our gallery. All of the theme park reviews and roller coaster reviews are also unique to Coaster Grotto and are written by myself.

In order to keep offering our visitors unique content, WE DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR OTHER WEB SITES TO USE OUR PHOTOGRAPHS, or duplicate any of our site content. Any web site that uses our pictures or content is in violation of the copyright laws and is liable for prosecution.

If you run your own web site or are thinking of starting one, you must understand the importance of providing unique content to potential visitors. There is no point in creating a web site that just duplicates the content of other web sites, it is both pointless and an infringement of copyright laws.

It has taken Coaster Grotto over 5 years to accumulate our content. If we allow other web sites to use our photos and content we are no longer able to claim that our content is unique, plus it could potentially harm our site traffic as our content would then be duplicated elsewhere on the net.

Therefore, WE DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION or allow any sites to use our photographs or content.

Q. Are your photographs for sale?

Answer: YES

Digital images (in JPEG format) are available for purchase for the some of our photographs. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for details.