About Coaster Grotto

Coaster Grotto is an online community and web site that began in April, 2001. The site is dedicated to bringing roller coaster fans up to date industry news and information, detailed theme park reviews, and 1000's of original roller coaster photos. Coaster Grotto also includes a comprehensive searchable database containing statistics on 1000's of roller coasters and 100's of theme parks around the world.

Coaster Grotto has received several awards including a nomination for "Coaster Site of the Year" in the 2002 "Coasters' Choice Awards", as well as being featured in several news articles including USA Today, Salt Lake Tribune, and Sky News.

RCT Grotto is a subdivision of Coaster Grotto, and home to the Beast Trainer and Son of Beast Trainer for the popular game series RollerCoaster Tycoon.

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Coaster Grotto Personals is the Internet's first online personals service designed specifically with coaster fans in mind. You can create a free personal profile to help make new friends, find someone special, or just let people know a little more about yourself. You can also use our free online messaging system to contact other members. View our Personals FAQ to find out more.

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About Park Reviews

All Park Reviews are written and compiled by Coaster Grotto; we do not accept third party reviews. The views and opinions expressed in the Park Reviews reflect those of the reviewer, and are in no way affiliated to any other persons or entities.

Coaster Grotto attempts to treat all parks equally, with the opinions and views expressed being a direct result of our experiences whilst visiting a given park. We do not accept bribes to write good or bad reviews about a park, and we do not write intentionally misleading information to influence the number of visitors to a park. For more information about some of the terms used in the Park Reviews, visit the Glossary.