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Sea World Orlando raises admission price by $2
Posted by: Webmaster | 05 January 2004 12:50

Sea World has raised its admission charge by $2 to $53.95, making it the most expensive admission for a park in Orlando.

The increase comes after the park's largest expansion ever, including five acres of waterfront dining, shopping and entertainment. The company has also said more additions are on the way.

Disney and Universal usually increase their prices at the same time, but so far they have not followed suit.

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Sea World Orlando raises admission price by $2
    Webmaster 05-Jan-2004 13:02:12
    Admission charges in Orlando are already daylight robbery, and now they're charging even more!!!

    Let me see, they added dining, entertainment, and shops which will make more revenue for the park, and they want to charge guests more money to spend more money.

    It wouldn't be so bad if they added a new multi-million ride or something, but this is farcical. Hopefully other parks will not follow suit, but no doubt they will.

    So if I want to ride Kraken again I've got to pay $53.95 plus parking? No thanks!

    ukcoasterlad 08-Jan-2004 11:40:27
    Wouldn't be so bad if they built another 15 or so coasters to counteract the price would it !!!!!


    I guess they will look for another baby Shamu to answer the arguements - at least it will save it from the Japanese harpoon men!

    Seaworld is a rip off and if other parks DO follow suit the entire amusement park industry will fall into decline as people will not pay those kind of prices.

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