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Alton Towers prosecuted for noise levels
Posted by: Webmaster | 02 August 2004 13:33

Stephen and Suzanne Roper moved to the area before the park started building roller coasters, and said they had been forced to put up with increasing excessively high noise levels from rides, fireworks, traffic, discos, and announcements.

In a private prosecution by the couple, a judge has made a ruling against the park, and the case has been adjourned until November when the details of the noise abatement order can be decided. One of the rides that is likely to be affected by this order is Oblivion, which was introduced to the park in 1998.

BBC News has more details.

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Alton Towers prosecuted for noise levels
    littleleo88 03-Aug-2004 18:17:10
    this is really ridiculous! if you dont want to be affected by noise levels, dont live nearby. how is it possible to put 'noise restrictions' on a ride? teach people to scream quietly?
    i cant understand why the judge would rule against this! alton towers is a great theme park and doesnt deserve this sort of nuisance from nearby homes. they already have enough trouble with restrictions on ride height because of them being eyesores tot he surrounding areas.
    why cant people just leave alton towers alone.

    joker0126 04-Aug-2004 11:31:16
    you cant exactly have a theme park without noise.
    besides the theme park was there first not you.

    Unregistered 07-Aug-2004 08:50:41
    Well, anyone living within a mile from Alton Towers has got to expect it to be loud. Although Alton Towers could do some tings to make it quieter without ruining the park-for example, I did't even here 'Don't Look Down', and the ride was still absolutely brilliant.

    Unregistered 09-Aug-2004 05:21:00
    I'm sorry but this is just too bad. Theme parks need noise and screams from customers. The ropers need to be told to move away from near Alton Towers and leave the park alone!!!

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