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Inquest returns verdict of misadevnture after Lightwater Valley roller coaster accident
Posted by: Webmaster | 19 October 2004 20:00

The jury at Skipton Magistrates' Court returned a verdict of misadventure in the case of the death of Gemma Savage, who died in hospital after a collision between two cars on the Treetop Twister at Lightwater Valley in June 2001.

The inquest heard that the computer system stopped three cars, and maintenance electrician Eric Butters began a manual procedure to bring the carriages down safely, but a wiring fault meant that the computerised system carried on working at the same time.

Miss Savage's car was released, shunting the car in front before rolling backwards and forwards in a dip in the track and colliding at top speed with the third car.

Mr Butters had not pressed the emergency stop button which would have turned off the computer. He and his colleagues had received just one hour of training and were never told to press the emergency stop button before attempting to use the manual controls.

Paul Robinson, who led the investigation for the Health and Safety Executive, said legal action may be brought following the conclusion of the inquest.

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    Topic: Inquest returns verdict of misadevnture after Lightwater Valley roller coaster accident
    stealth25 21-Apr-2006 15:01:19
    What a terrible tradegy to happen, if only the operators of the ride had been appropriately trained that young girl would still be alive today. Maybe this will open their eyes a bit and make sure that all staff know exactly what to do in an emergency situation just like this.

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