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Posted by: webmaster | 24 May 2018 13:32

Coaster Grotto is now over 17 years old, and today we have launched a new mobile/cell phone friendly version so our pages should be better displayed across all devices.

Since I am no longer working in the IT industry, this has taken a lot longer to implement than I had hoped (3 months!!!). I would rather have spent my time bringing new content rather than having to modify existing content. However, we have to move with the times, and I hope this change will benefit existing members as well as make our site more accessible to new visitors.

We have also updated our privacy policy and terms of service to be in line with the GDPR which comes into effect on May 25th. This is some EU regulation which is designed to give people better access and control over how web sites share and store your personal data.

You can continue to use the site in the same way as you did before, but please do check our updated privacy policy and terms and only continue using this web site if you are happy with them.

If you have any problems with the new web site, such as pages not displaying correctly, please contact us so we can attempt to rectify them.

Hopefully now things will run smoothly and I can finally get round to adding some new photos, and maybe a review or two.

Thank you for your continued support.

Members' Comments

24-May-2018 21:41:54

Looks great! I'm currently unable to add new rides to my count though. I get a message that 'http://www.coastergrotto.com/members/ratings.jsp' no longer exists or the URL has been entered incorrectly.

24-May-2018 22:08:13

Thanks for the info. Should be fixed now.

Let me know if you encounter any further problems.

Thank you.

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