Six Flags Over Texas

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Six Flags Over Texas Logo
Six Flags Over Texas - Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags Over Texas
Location: Arlington, Texas, 76010, United States
Status: Operating since 1961
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Sandy Lake Park - 18.11 miles
State Fair of Texas - 19.88 miles
Frontier City - 198.20 miles

Recent Park News
  • Woman dies on Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas (21-Jul-2013)
  • Six Flags cuts three executive staff and moves headquarters to Dallas (23-Jun-2010)
  • Texas Giant to close in 2010 for rehab (19-Mar-2009)
  • Six Flags Over Texas announce new spinning coaster for 2008 (27-Sep-2007)
    Member Ratings
    Park: 8.1/10 (120 votes)
    6.8/10 (1244 votes)
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    Roller Coasters
    Operating Rating Votes
    1. New Texas Giant 9.10 21
    2. Titan 8.78 139
    3. Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast 8.22 126
    4. Batman: The Ride 7.82 130
    5. Shockwave 7.45 143
    6. Runaway Mountain 6.50 124
    7. Judge Roy Scream 6.45 140
    8. Pandemonium 6.10 29
    9. Runaway Mine Train 5.83 139
    10. La Vibora 5.81 119
    11. Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster 4.40 47
    12. Mini Mine Train 4.10 87
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Texas Giant 7.49 133
    2. Flashback 5.72 105

    Members' Comments Add Comment
    Topic: Six Flags Over Texas

    SIXFLAGSTEXASFAN101 02-May-2010 21:03:25
    Me Again
    This time i would like to give my personal review. I went twice this year and plan to go again in the summer, even though it is notorious for being HOT. During my November trip of 2009,a group of friends and i went on the LAST DAY of operation for the 2009 season and was greated by a TOTALLY EMPTY PARK!!! This had to have been a greatly planned trip for us and one of our better ideas. every single ride was a walk. Just for example:
    BATMAN THE RIDE- 4 times ( 2 times in a row)
    MR FREEZE- 2 times
    MINE TRAIN- 9 TIMES (dont ask why we rode that so many :->)
    TITAN- 5 times
    WE managed to ride everything at least twice and the park has amazing scenery and great pathways. The trash clean-up has improved 5 times when i went. The second time time was during festival Latino, and it was the festival from he**. EVERYONE decided to flock over to six flags, this is the time i thank Six Flags for the flash pass. 2010 has a lot more to offer including
    > New Eateries
    > Half Way Reconstructed Texas Giant
    > Repainted Titan
    > Friendlier 'Southern Hospitality' Staff
    > And a racoon that lives in the Runaway Mountain line!

    thebull131313 25-Apr-2010 04:42:21
    How about coming in 2010. They have improved supremely. The park is clean and they have A/C! So try coming in 2010.

    SIXFLAGSTEXASFAN101 12-Dec-2009 21:08:07
    Looks like Six Flags may make a good call with the Texas Giant. I 'heard' that it will include a higher, steeper, smoother drop with brand new track. I might be enjoyable but it still needs a little bit of a wooden coaster touch.Not to rough but a little to make you hold on! Any way Batman looks great with an 2008 refresh of paint and Mr Freeze has one heck of a reputation! Just wish that it was not painted bright red and more of an icy color...but its Texas there is no ice...Titan is one of the best rides there, but mr. Freeze deserves a 10/10 from me if I was a critic.

    954RRjohn 31-May-2009 00:10:55
    Click to view member photoPay no attention to the comments above. This guy has CLEARLY never ridden the Giant. This became evident when he stated that the Judge was rougher than the Giant. Seriously dude.

    Let's list all the faults with the Giant. TRIM BRAKES ON THE FIRST HILL!!! That right there disqualifies it from being a legitimate coaster. NO AIR TIME. NONE. NONE AT ALL. There is a reason they are spending 10 Mil to rebuild this pile of junk. You want a real wooden coaster? Then save up some money and travel outside of the state of Texas.

    You calling it great because it shakes you up is the equivalent to eating the nastiest hot sauce, just so you can brag out it being hot. But hey, you convinced me that you are a true man....Complete with a manly name like Big Jake. The heat isn't the bother, it's standing in line with all of the sweaty people with less than desierable hygene.

    --- This message was edited by on 31-May-2009 00:29:39 ---

    Bigjake403 30-Mar-2009 06:17:51
    I have gotten a season pass for years at this park and love it because its great and it is my home park, anyways time for my take on it...

    Great coasters some of the best in the state, It has an A list on them, Batman, Freeze, Titan, Flashback, Shockwave, La Vibora, Runaway Mountain, Judge Roy Scream, Mine Train, Superman Tower of Power, Roaring Rapids, and of course the famous Texas Giant. Most of which have rides similar to them in other parks, but these are by far better. I mean the Giant won a golden ticket award in 1999 as best wooden roller coaster. Shockwave is the first ever roller coaster with consecutive loops. Mine Train is the worlds first tubular steel roller coaster. This was also the first six flags park ever. So it is def a land mark among true coaster fanatics. The management is also a big plus, they are friendly and courteous, no matter what these other yahoos may say. They are there to make the park an enjoyable place, do remember that they are human, and that this place is not perfect nor will it ever be, as with any park.

    It may not be the best layout for a park, but keep in mind that when it opened it was one of a very few, so there weren't a lot of other parks to base the layout on. The park is mildly dirty, but they do a good job of trying to keep up with it, true coaster fanatics know what it means to take care of the parks and throw your trash away. It can be hot during the summer, but I need to remind you that it is TEXAS it is going to be hot, so unless you are prepared for it, do not complain, little pansies that can't handle the heat should not consider themselves fanatics, stick it out and ride the rides. Lines can be long on most weekends during the summer but overall its not the busiest park I have been in. Although Freeze is a wonderful ride, it is closed more often than not, they tend to have a lot of trouble with it. And if you are a can of weak sauce stay away from the Giant, this ride is for true coaster fanatics, it will shake you up and spit you out, but its not as rough as Judge Roy Scream, so if you cant handle the feel of real wooden coasters stay away. Also Tony Hawks is a waste of time, dont waste yours.

    Over all I give this park an 8 and a half out of a ten. Please keep in mind that it is Texas and weather is unpredictable, so if you go on a day where the weather is bad there will be rides shut down, but out of the well over twenty times i have been there this year alone already most rides are open and enjoyable.

    SIXFLAGSTEXASFAN101 19-Oct-2008 19:42:45
    I just went over the summer and surprisingly Titan was closed. Well not so surprising but my overall experence was too short due to the weather :( I can also play the game 'Count the Trash' in the La Vibora Line too. Batman looked good with it's new paint job and the trash in the park has been well kept up. Tony Hawk's Big Spin is a whole lot better than a Crazy Mouse but I expected more. Over all a 8/10 experence for the most I guess I'll see how it is next time.

    954RRjohn 09-Jul-2008 05:36:54
    Click to view member photoOk, time to vent:

    Just got home from my 8th trip this year to SFOT. First, I feel cheated that they got us excited about getting a new coaster, only to dump a damn spinning wild mouse on us.

    Now, on to my real problem: The Texas Giant. It's time to light this piece of garbage on fire and start over. It's is absolutely miserable. I rode in the back today, and not one person on that train dared to hold their hands up. It was punsihing. The sad thing is, is that most of the people who go to this park, base their feelings on wooden coasters on the Texas Giant. That is a horrible disservice to wooden coasters. That's like judging people from london based on the actions of Jack The Ripper.

    This coaster was built by a company notorious for junk coasters. It's time to admit it, and demolish it.

    954RRjohn 27-Jun-2005 21:18:58
    Click to view member photoSFOT is my home park. Every year I make 10-15 trips to this park during it's different modes of operation. In recent years, they have made major strides to offer relief from the Miserable Texas heat and humidity, by adding large oscillating and misting fans on most pathways. They also have several 'misting' stations throughout. It helps a little, but nothing short of an indoor park is gonna give relief here.

    One thing this park does, is go allout for it's Halloween Fright Fest season. Lots of haunted houses and haunted trails. Plus, all of the usual themes are redone with a haunted version. Very nice. Most of the main coasters are also still operating during this time.

    moody 12-Nov-2003 01:09:08
    I live here in Dallas, And knows Six Flags Over Texas. I have been to the park since 1993, and has really improved since. I buy the season pass every year, and go plenty of times. I don't really go during july becase it is the hottest month, and all the kids are there. but another months I do. I will admit the park is dirty, and sometimes you never know what rides are going to be open. Holiday in the park is fun, but they shut down too many rides, mainly the ones I want to go on. THe only thing I have to say is going on MR. Freeze is awsome and worth the trip. Another thing I do and many people do, that live here in Texas, is walk out of the park, and walk around the corner to the Sub way to save money. They let you back in by stamping hands.

    CoasterCrazy 21-Aug-2002 07:21:20
    Two friends and I went to the park on 08-20-02. The park was clean and there were not many people there. Lines were very short, that is for the ones that were open. It was very hot that day and when we needed to get out of the heat and cool off there was no place to go. All the indoor shows were closed. One of the best water rides was close in preperation for Fright Fest, two months from now! What all do they do to these rides? There was just no escape from the heat. The indoor coaster is suppose to be air conditioned, it was a good 30 degrees hotter in there! The park is laid out badly. We looked for Yosite Sams ride because it was an indoor ride, we could not find it. We had an employee try to show us where it was, she couldnt find it either! We had planned to stay all day but had to leave after only 2.5 hours. We would have all had heat stroke. One of my friends is still ill from getting to hot, its been two days. We rode all the coasters (that were open) and got out of there. The food, tickets, parking and some rides are way too expensive! The best ride was the one in my friends air conditioned Town Car coming home!

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