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Amusement Park Info
Current Name: PortAventura
Previous Names: Universal Port Aventura ( until 2004 )
Location: Salou, Tarragona, Spain
Status: Operating since 1995
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
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Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Dragon Khan 8.94 54
2. Furious Baco 8.57 21
3. Stampida 7.92 51
4. Tomahawk 5.58 36
5. El Diablo 5.56 43
6. Tami Tami 4.67 33

PortAventura - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 8.8/10 (40 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (238 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: PortAventura
    maindip 02-Jan-2003 12:57:02
    A very good park, not quite up to Universal Florida standards but still excellent. The rollercoasters are of differing standards. Dragon Khan was a big disappointmet, although impressive to look at felt slow and unexciting, there was no airtime and the inversions didn't even thrill. Stampida on the other hand was very good, a dual duelling wooden rollercoaster, lots of good airtime and an excellent point where the two coasters ran directly towards each other before vearing off. The whole thing is themed around a wagon race and it certainly feels like a race during the ride. The Diablo runaway train was also a very good example of the type, with a long ride time and three climbs, one of them suprisingly long. I do recommend this park, the other attractions are also very good and the Temple Del Fuego is spectacular.

    SoulHunter 06-Sep-2003 00:54:16
    This was a great park, with a wide variety of rides. Dragon Khan, the main attraction, wasn't actually as good as it looked, but still pleasant and very smooth, though the wooden Stampedia was top of my list roller-coaster wise. The themed areas of the park were generally very good, but the star attractions for me were the shows: These were all very high standard and professional, and together were worth the price of the ticket alone. Fiestaventura, the fireworks/water/laser show at midnight, was amazing, easily the best of its kind I've seen. I would recommend this park to everybody, as there is a good variety and something to suit all tastes.

    Dirk_Ermen 28-Feb-2005 23:53:09
    A park that is worth in the off-seasons! Then Totally no queues! Dragon khan, great ride with some great forces. It can be a bit shaky for recording onrides but it's worth to try. Stampida, The best woodie i've ridden so far! Awesome laterals, airtime and some positive, All packed into a dueling wild woodie! One of the rides that are worth to ride!

    During the seasons, i'd recommend to get As soon as possible an fast pass. I can say, you won't have regret! Otherwise you can wait in queues of 3-4 hours long! With that fast pass your in like 15 min MAX, but average the waiting time on fast pass is 2 min.

    The park offers some great scenery and theming, the themed area's are beautyfull to watch at.
    The park is just a must to everyone that comes nearby or that have plans to go to spain.

    rollercoasterrich 27-Feb-2006 17:25:02
    i like this 1...its no unerversal florida park like ppl have said..but its a gd park..its theme n i like a park thats themed..dragon kahn is the main atraction..ment 2 be the first coaster with 8 inversions..its slower than most steel twist caoster n its not as smooth but its a gd 1..ill give this park a 7.5/10

    Batchie 13-Jan-2008 22:59:52
    The last time I was here I was a lot younger but still managed to properly enjoy the childrens attractions at the park. I'm going to port Aventura again soon and am looking forward very much to riding Hurrican Condor, Dragon Khan, Furious Baco and all the other thrill rides. :D

    Josh Batchelor,
    Adenalin Junkie!

    gaz 19-Nov-2009 23:43:37
    the best themend park ive been to, apart from this one iv only been to parks in the uk, im hoping to go to florida one day, the lands are a great size and all attached to each other unlike some ive been to with a big walking distance, i like the idea how the rides are themend around the land rather than the land themend around the ride like most in the uk, alot of attention and thinging has made this themepark, you go through 5 diffrent countries, far west and china is my faverite, the shows are all unbelievable especally fiestaventura at the lake at midnight, cant wait untill i return, rides are ace too

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