Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Logo
Six Flags Magic Mountain - Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags Magic Mountain
Previous Names: Magic Mountain ( until 1978 )
Location: Valencia, California, 91355, United States
Status: Operating since 1971
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Universal Studios Hollywood - 22.05 miles
Pacific Park - 27.33 miles
Knott's Berry Farm - 50.22 miles

Recent Park News
  • Riders injured after Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain partially derails (09-Jul-2014)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain announces Full Throttle for 2013 (01-Sep-2012)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain announces Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom for 2012 (02-Sep-2011)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain to remove Deja Vu (21-Aug-2011)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain pictures (10-Jun-2010)
    Member Ratings
    Park: 8.9/10 (354 votes)
    7.5/10 (4495 votes)
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    Roller Coasters
    Operating Rating Votes
    1. Twisted Colossus 9.50 6
    2. X2 9.48 387
    3. Tatsu 9.30 192
    4. Goliath 8.91 433
    5. Full Throttle 8.86 29
    6. Riddler's Revenge 8.36 421
    7. Apocalypse 8.23 94
    8. Scream! 8.22 280
    9. Batman: The Ride 7.80 406
    10. Superman: Escape from Krypton 7.49 357
    11. Viper 7.19 405
    12. Ninja 6.48 402
    13. Revolution 6.40 404
    14. Green Lantern: First Flight 6.07 41
    15. Gold Rusher 5.33 354
    16. Canyon Blaster 4.80 166
    17. Magic Flyer 3.91 89
    18. Road Runner Express 3.83 23
    19. Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers 3.50 6
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Deja Vu 8.22 297
    2. Shockwave 7.15 40
    3. Colossus 6.66 400
    4. Sarajevo Bobsleds 6.49 35
    5. Mountain Express 5.55 29
    6. Psyclone 5.36 313
    7. Flashback 4.86 196

    Members' Comments Add Comment
    Topic: Six Flags Magic Mountain

    JT3 07-Aug-2014 00:19:51
    I really loved my visit to SFMM. It was a dream of mine to go there, so it was surreal when I arrived. I must admit, when looking at the park from a complete theme park point of view, the park has some holes. Some parts feel a bit rundown, there is barely any flats, there are lots of paths to nowhere....but then there are the coasters. For me, this is the best place in the world for coasters, even better than cedar point. There really was not one bad coaster at the park at my opinion. And of course there is X2, the most white knuckle thrill ride on the planet. That thing is amazing.

    Webmaster 22-Dec-2010 10:22:48
    Height represents the tallest part of the ride above ground level (usually the top of the lifthill), the max drop is the track length of the biggest drop on the ride. Goliath has an underground tunnel therefore the length of the track is more than what it would be if the drop just went from the top of the lifthill to the ground, which is the height measurement. Another example would be the Phantoms Revenge, where the first drop goes down a ravine, therefore the max drop is greater than the height of the ride. Hope that makes sense.

    doke 20-Dec-2010 18:56:47
    Quick question. I see that the max drop is more than the height of the coaster. How is that possible? I've noticed it for a few different coasters.

    inuyasha539 21-Jul-2010 18:11:02
    six flags dissapointed me the last time i went. it wasnt even that crowded, but the workers decide to run only one train per coaster, which cause 20 minute waits on a day which should be 5. Terminater was ok, but short, and not as intense as Ghostrider at Knotts berry farm. Employees arent the most friendly, lockers get exspensive and just not the best day for fun

    yellowdart46 10-Jun-2010 06:55:58
    Just came back from SFMM today and some sad news about Terminator. The music was not working and have heard they have given up on it for the ride. And Mr. Six's Dance Coaster has had no progress, still just a dirt pile. Oh and to help you out if you go to the park do not I mean DO NOT bring a back pack or even a purse a day locker is $17 and the lockers at the coasters are $1 each for only 120mins. And you are not allowed to leave your stuff at the side of the stations.

    ridetherails 29-Jul-2009 00:58:51
    Hey everyone! Just a little trip report. I went to Magic Mountain about a week ago and it was awesome. They did a lot of improvements throughout the park. It was clean and the atmosphere was a lot more family friendly, but did not overpower the X-treme park atmosphere. Our first day there we headed straight to X2 only to find it was temproarily closed and would be opening later on in the day. So we went to Terminator Salvation. We were able to walk right on to the pre show rooms, no wait. It was an awesome ride. My favorite GCI to date. It was thrilling with a lot of tunnels. Easily the best theming on a Six Flags ride. We then went on Deja Vu. I wasn't expecting much but it was very fun and intense. It exceeded my expectations. We then went on Riddler's Revenge and Batman which were so-so. We moved on to Goliath which was great as always. We picked up some lunch and got in line for X2 which was now open. X2 was awesome as always. We headed for tatsu but after seeing the now longer lines we decided to get the Flash Pass. I gotta say it was the best $30 I've ever spent. Very well worth it. Oh and you don't feel bad about cutting people in line because the Flash Pass takes you to the loading station and not through the exit and directly into someone's seat. We used it for Tatsu, Scream, Goliath, Deja Vu, Batman, and Riddlers. Unfortunately you will have to buy the Gold Flash Pass (about $25-$30 extra) and $10 per ride for X2 and Terminator. Later that night we got in line for X2 30 min before park closing. By the time it was our time to ride it was dark. Riding X2 at night is very, VERY EXHILIRATING!!! The next day we ran straight to X2 right when the park opened (arriving at the gates 10 min prior) and got on X2 in literally 15 minutes, only because we waited for the front!!! I was amazed!!! We then headed to Goliath and Tatsu then back to X2 as our last ride before heading back. This time we had to wait about 3 hours but it was still well worth it. SFMM continues to wow me and I always get that buzzed feeling coming off Tatsu, Goliath, Deja Vu, and the biggest and baddest X2. All in all it was well worth the 5 hour trip down to LA. And I hear that SFMM are already in the works for a new steel coaster in 2010. Anyone know any details?

    ttspeed 31-May-2009 20:53:05
    Hey everyone! If you didn't already hear terminator salvation opened!

    inuyasha539 08-May-2009 18:25:59
    Six flags is crazy!!! I have never had the time to write reviews about roller coasters until now. The best roller coasters are here, but Superman disapointed me. They should add a better launch coaster, like Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm. Also, I hope Terminator is intense like Ghostrider, also at Knott's. If it isn't, I will be disapointed.

    Bigjake403 30-Mar-2009 06:34:39
    although I have only been to the park once, I must say that I enjoyed it, the weather is superb, and the atmosphere inviting. Some of the coasters aren't as thrilling as I thought they would be like Ninja for example, but what I found it lacked in thrills it def made up for with the scenery and path that they choose to put it on. X was closed while I was there, so I need to go back and give it a try. But Tatsu was a new and thrilling type of ride. I did think that the only real bad thing about the park had to be a giant hill that you had to walk up to get to a few of the coasters. But fear not they do offer a lift for those who are too lazy to make it up the hill. overall it was a great park.

    RCTBOY 16-Mar-2009 20:05:24
    Of all the theme parks I have been too Six Flags Magic Mountain is the best. Sure it may be tiring to walk but theirs always Metro! When I went I rode all the coasters. My 2 favorites were Goliath and X2. This park is on the right track. Keep it up SFMM!

    PS I'm going this summer for Terminator Salvation the Ride! Ya-Hoo!

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