Cedar Point

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Cedar Point Logo
Cedar Point - Park Info
Current Name: Cedar Point
Location: Sandusky, Ohio, 44870, United States
Status: Operating since 1870
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Memphis Kiddie Park - 50.53 miles
Jeepers! - 60.01 miles
Zoombezi Bay and Jungle Jack's Landing - 89.90 miles

Recent Park News
  • Cedar Point announces Valravn for 2016 (10-Sep-2015)
  • Two riders injured on Skyhawk at Cedar Point (27-Jul-2014)
  • Cedar Point announces two new family rides for 2014 (27-Aug-2013)
  • Rider sent to hospital after roll back on Shoot The Rapids at Cedar Point (21-Jul-2013)
  • Cedar Point pictures (11-Jul-2013)
    Member Ratings
    Park: 9.3/10 (676 votes)
    7.0/10 (10097 votes)
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    Roller Coasters
    Operating Rating Votes
    1. Millennium Force 9.54 850
    2. Top Thrill Dragster 9.27 595
    3. Maverick 9.20 325
    4. Raptor 8.55 819
    5. GateKeeper 8.33 72
    6. Magnum XL-200 8.33 843
    7. Wicked Twister 8.00 648
    8. Rougarou 7.20 772
    9. Gemini 7.03 803
    10. Blue Streak 6.46 762
    11. Mean Streak 6.16 788
    12. Iron Dragon 5.59 755
    13. Corkscrew 5.01 753
    14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 4.81 693
    15. Woodstock Express 4.25 334
    16. Jr. Gemini 3.32 285
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Scamper 7.00 1
    2. Cyclone 6.00 3
    3. Broadway Trip 6.00 1
    4. High Frolics 6.00 1
    5. Wildcat 5.53 564
    6. Disaster Transport 5.17 707
    7. Wildcat 5.04 67
    8. Dip The Dips Scenic Railway 5.00 1
    9. Leap The Dips 5.00 1
    10. Three Way Figure 8 Roller Toboggan 5.00 1
    11. Jumbo Jet 4.81 57
    12. Wild Mouse 4.75 16
    13. Kiddieland Rollercoaster 4.00 1
    14. Switchback Railway 4.00 1
    Under Construction Rating Votes
    1. Valravn 0.00 0

    Members' Comments Add Comment
    Topic: Cedar Point

    bsheldon 03-Nov-2015 18:45:17
    I went in 2004 and loved it. I returned this past weekend and loved it again. Easily my favorite park. 5 of my top 20 reside in this park including my all time favorite, Magnum. Halloweekend was awesome with 14 haunted attractions including several full sized haunted houses. Very cool feature. The flat rides are plentiful and decent enough to keep you entertained all day if the lines to the coasters get too bad. We had a great time with the longest line maybe 20 minutes all weekend. Most were walk-ons. This park deserves all the praise it receives. Truly a benchmark park.

    Pippydog 06-Sep-2011 04:06:00
    This is a great park MF eats any other coaster you put next to it (i305 bizzaro) and such great park as long as the golden ticket awards go this park will hold number one

    BobbyKCoasterfan6797 09-Dec-2009 01:20:05
    Top 17 cedar point coasters I'll rate it 1-5 I'll give why and what seat I like it in
    17.Jr Gemini 1 don't count
    16.Cedar Creek Mine Ride 1 never been on it but my freind said it was bumpy and I can see why back
    15.Woodstock express 1.5 just a kiddie ride back
    14.Corkscrew 2 bumpy but it's the shortest ride stupid front
    13.Mean Streak 2 great curb appeal but a terrible ride back
    12.Disaster Transport 2.5 pretty good but you don't know what's happening
    11.Wildcat 2.5 pretty fun old coaster
    10.Iron Dragon 2.5 nice and relaxing
    9.Blue Streak 2.9 so much better than mean streak so much more airtime back
    8.Mantis 3 fun ride but standing sucks front
    7.Gemini 3 racing and airtime makes this ride pretty good back
    6.Wicked twister 4 takes a lot out of you front
    5.Raptor 4 so much loops makes this ride beast back
    4.Magnum 4 bunny hills are so fun on this ride so much airtime front
    3.Mavrick 4 70 mph and 95 degrees down and so much airtime front
    2.TTD 4.5 kicks kingda ka's ass by having a lap bar front
    1.Millenium 5 so great it's hard to describe it execpt it has not much airtime back

    --- This message was edited by on 19-Jul-2010 14:59:26 ---

    tomyboy2 22-Aug-2009 23:42:45
    i got on all the coasters this year excluding juinor gemini woodstock express and wild cat when normally it takes me two days to see the park AWESOME!!!, but, attendance is signifanltly down... Add me as a friend if you love cedar point. Hopefully they get a awesome new coaster this year though it will be a bit packed...=/ they are significalntly low on space but they will make it work. MAVERICK ROCKS

    Coastergeek1 24-Jun-2009 14:39:01
    Coaster Reviews:
    Millinium Force:11/10
    Top Thrill Dragster: 10/10
    Maverick: 9/10
    Wicked Twister: 8/10
    Mean Streak:7/10
    Gemini: 7/10
    Blue Streak: 7/10
    Iron Dragon: 7/10
    Disaster Transport: 7/10
    Cedar Creek Mine Ride: 6/10
    Wildcat: 4/10
    Woodstock Express: 6/10
    Jr Gemini: 4/10
    Overall: Cedar Point is a fantastic park with incredably freindly staff and ride safety. The Themeing is nice in the back of the park but still could use more(Not that it really needs it, you just go there to ride caosters.)The only problem I have with it is the overpriced food.
    The kid parks are also very nice, with thrill rides for the little tikes, and 2 decent kiddie coasters.(Not to mention the woodstook eXpress is like a mini Millinium Force to them.)
    However, in conclusion, the park is just about heaven for a coastergeek like myself, and the whole family will still have a fun time there.

    --- This message was edited by on 24-Jun-2009 14:40:01 ---

    Coastergeek1 17-Jun-2009 16:12:32
    This is the park to go to if you are a fan of roller coasters. The only problem I have with this park is the lack of themeing,i mean besides the western town in the back of the park.I have ridden 16/17 of there coasters, and i beleive they have a good variety. Go to this park if your a coaster addict.

    rct2crazy 10-Mar-2009 00:06:39
    maverick rocks (i love kermis)

    CPemployee09 02-Mar-2009 08:56:10
    tgadams, have you actually been to Kings Island? If you have, you will soon figure out that pretty much every single roller coaster at Kings Island is smaller and slower than the ones at Cedar Point. Don't get me wrong, Vortex and Flight of Fear are amazing roller coasters and are better than a few at Cedar Point, but to say that ANYTHING at Kings Island is better than Millennium Force, well, you really must not have been to KI. I've been to KI probably five times, Disney World 3 times, and Universal Islands of Adventure once and NONE of them come CLOSE to Cedar Point.

    Millennium Force is THE best roller coaster I have EVER ridden. I have yet to ride TTD but I know I won't like it near as much as MF because its a 30 second ride...Maverick is amazing as well. Cedar Point is the best place for roller coasters.

    tomyboy2 12-Nov-2008 20:05:13
    Great park! went there over the summer and it was amazing millenium force is wicked

    tgadams 21-Oct-2008 09:53:33
    Click to view member photoCedar point is just flat out overrated-as simple as that. Top thill dragster is quite a thrill, but that's it- a one trick pony. MF is probably the most overated coaster on the face of this earth which is quite an accomplishment given that is an astounding 300 feet tall. Really all their coasters have been done better in other parks such as Bush Gardens or Kings Island. Or the fact that V2 at SFGAmerica is much, much better than wicked twister.
    *having said that i think it's a very good park, just not all it's cracked up to be. I am looking forward to riding maverick which i have not yet gotten the chance to ride. Ohh, and yes i have been here 3 times so my opinion has a strong basis.

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