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California's Great America - Amusement Theme Park Info

California's Great America

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: California's Great America
Previous Names: Great America ( until 2007 )
Paramount's Great America ( until 2006 )
Marriot's Great America ( until ? )
Location: Santa Clara, California, United States
Status: Operating since 1976
Links: Official Website

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Flight Deck 8.23 102
2. Invertigo 7.13 85
3. Vortex 6.65 92
4. Demon 6.45 104
5. Psycho Mouse 6.42 66
6. Grizzly 4.65 98
7. Runaway Reptar 4.10 49
8. Taxi Jam 3.60 30
Unknown 0.00 0

# Previous Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Stealth 8.60 63
2. Whizzer 7.09 11
3. Greased Lightnin' 6.57 61
Member Ratings
Park: 7.3/10 (92 votes)
Coasters: 6.3/10 (626 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Paramount's Great America announces Survivor The Ride (26-Feb-2006)
  • Paramount to move Stealth roller coaster from Great America to Carowinds (21-Aug-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: California's Great America
    RCTK 28-Jul-2002 22:45:53
    Add new trains to Grizzly.

    serialkiller936 24-Jun-2004 06:29:08
    its a great park overall. boomerang bay really seems to be helping with lines around the park. I went a few weeks ago when a lot of schools (including mine) were at the park and I didnt wait more than 20 mins for top gun. the only thing I think they should do is replace grizzly with a nice GCI or CCI woodie. it goes so slow around the first turn around, its so rough I cant even ride it anymore, and there is no airtime whatsoever. if they just changed that the park would so much better.

    evanwohrman 27-Jun-2004 05:03:38
    Paramount's Great America is, well, a hellhole. Cast members are rude, park is unclean and vandalized, and needs more maintainence.

    DrachenFire 26-Mar-2005 06:00:57
    The most disappointing park I have been to. With Paramount's great name you would expect more, but it is quite the letdown.

    TATSUFAN 16-Feb-2006 10:00:04
    this is one sad park. there are no hyper coasters and they keep demolishing coasters and not adding new coasters.

    get your act together.

    TimViper 16-Jun-2006 18:53:02
    This was the only theme park I had a chance to visit for many years, as I lived in the Bay Area, and Six Flags Marine World didn't really get going until I had moved away. I always enjoyed myself, but having since been to some great parks like Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Islands of Adventure, I don't have much reason to ever go back. Regardless of how well their new water park is doing, I think it was one of their biggest mistakes getting rid of Stealth. Top Gun is now the only truly entertaining coaster there.

    Ryles30 15-May-2007 03:17:09
    This was the first amusement park I have ever been to. Grizzly was my first real coaster and I still love it, I don't feel the roughness at all, it must be a tall person thing(Being short has its perks). Greased Lightnin' was my first ever inverting coaster but I don't remeber much because I was in kindergarden. Top Gun was my first B&M; coaster and it is great. Invertigo makes me sick but I still go on it anyways. Vortex is a headbanger but that's because I am short. I love wild mouse coasters and this one is no exception. Demon is a headbanger like all arrow coasters(X sucks, and I don't count hyper coasters).

    ryguy 11-Jun-2007 16:13:17
    i went there 3 days ago and it was awesome because there were no lines and so we could ride so many , its worth it for a visit

    rodsager 25-Jul-2007 07:14:53
    I have been to Great America many times dating back to it's inaugural year. I haven't been there in 20 years so they may have improved the Park's atmosphere. The Demon was great when it first opened but I longed for it's predessor the 'Turn of the Century' It was the same coaster but the two vertical loops were Camel back hills that gave some great 'air time'.

    ThrillMax13 01-Jul-2008 05:44:22
    California's Great America is pretty awsome. My first looping roller coaster was the Demon. That started my whole roller coaster adventure for me. LOL!!! All the other coasters are awsome but are on the rough side. They should replace the grizzly and put in a steel floorless. Dat would be awsome but short since its such a small footprint. Da best ride there is TOP GUN aka flight deck. I wish they could have kept the name. It's a great family park. Vortex is unique but roughand Invertigo is pretty cool. It makes me sick goin backward though. It's fun looking at the faces of the people sitting in front of you through the ride. Sometimes a great laugh. Demon is hecca fun. Ya gotta sit in the back. A LOT SMOOTHER!!! Que line is tight. Pretty well themed! All in All i give it a 9/10. Very Good. C u coaster fanatics later.

    P.S I totally recomend this park to people of all ages. Some coasters like top gun, demon, and vortex can be thrilling for thrill seekers but also be cool for youngsters.

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