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Six Flags New England

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags New England
Previous Names: Riverside Amusement Park ( until 1999 )
Location: Agawam, Massachusetts, 01001, United States
Status: Operating since 1840
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Lake Compounce - 31.28 miles
Quassy Amusement Park - 45.03 miles
Hoffman's Playland - 74.97 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Bizarro 9.69 210
2. Batman - Dark Knight 7.58 170
3. Cyclone 6.82 172
4. Pandemonium 6.70 80
5. Thunderbolt 6.52 168
6. Flashback 5.36 148
7. Mind Eraser 5.16 160
8. Catwoman's Whip 4.55 130
9. Great Chase 3.75 80
1. Black Widow 5.09 22
2. Little Rickies Little Twister 4.33 9
3. Giant Dip 0.00 0
4. Greyhound 0.00 0
5. Lightning 0.00 0
6. Whirlwind Racer 0.00 0
7. Wild Mouse 0.00 0
8. Wildcat 0.00 0

Six Flags New England - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 7.6/10 (154 votes)
Coasters: 6.6/10 (1318 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags New England
    Krazy Koaster Freak 27-Aug-2002 06:18:23
    Superman Ride of Steel is the airtime GOD! i rode in the 2nd car first row and the airtime was insane its not as good in the back tho

    jac2896 07-Sep-2002 04:58:06
    I visited the park 8/23/2002. The park was crowded for a Friday and it's layout is in one long narrow strip. It can seem crowded and lines at rides, especially Superman, can be long. We used the ride reservation system and it is no longer free, cost me 35 dollars for four people. It seemed steep to me but it beat standing in line on a 90 degree day.

    The park, while clean and well themed, seems in need of some general maintenance work. Superman is showing its age at three years and could use some paint and sprucing up of the station. The same could be said of several other rides and costers. On balance the park is certainly much better than the days when it was Riverside Park.

    Superman was awesome, perhaps the best coaster I've ridden. Batman was a very enjoyable ride, Cyclone was good but seems to have gotten rougher with age and the trains need to be replaced, several seats could not be occupied on each train due to broken or malfunctioning lapbars. The Thunderbolt is not a bad little coaster and has some airtime, the line for it can be long as it is at the center of the park. The less said about the Mind Eraser the better. Tear that ride down and build something else!!!!!

    SFNEFreak 14-Oct-2002 21:16:26
    Hey, They made a new entrance to Superhero Adventures near Spider and Minderaser!!!

    PsychaDurmont 08-May-2003 22:15:04
    Superman is the most intense coaster that I have ever ridden! The first uphill makes you realize that you are in for one hell of a ride (the view is magnificent!). The first drop that follows was worth a great long winded scream (also for some embarrising photos that you can pick up later). A very long thrilling ride and worth every minute spent in the line from hell (note buy a drink or snack to take in line with you and a hat - the sun can be brutal on your head while waiting). Cubicals are offered at the loading station for all of your belongings which is a nice touch.

    Bill 21-Sep-2003 03:17:24
    Superman is awesone, Mind Eraser sucks

    Unregistered 07-Oct-2007 23:39:53
    best ride is superman or batman

    curlydude1332 12-Jul-2008 14:23:27
    ok i went last summer with my cousins who live out there ((i live in chicago)) and i went and i felt there was only a few rollercoasters and i thought they were all worth it batman is my favorite ride all together, but sadly my cousin didnt wanna go on superman he was to scared but i was scared and i wanted to go and my cousin is older then me and i thought he was more brave so hopefully next time i go ill get to go on, ive heard amazing things about it

    and my cousin didnt wanna go on cyclone (said it was to shaky) haha i have been on shaky coasters i can take it lol

    killjeter18 07-Apr-2009 18:13:55
    Click to view member photoSFNE is my hometown park since I live in New England, and in my younger days I was always biased towards it. As I've grown up and experienced the real world of roller coasters, SFNE has sort of been left in the dust.

    Bizarro, formerly Superman: Ride of Steel, is by far the best ride in the park. Maybe in the world if you sit in the back over those hills. Unfortunately SFNE doesn't pack a solid number 2. 90% of the people there will say Batman is (and I agree), but even so, it is nothing special for a B&M; Floorless. After that the park, in terms of coasters, leaves much to be desired. Cyclone and Mind Eraser are enjoyable if you are moderately enjoyable. I've honestly never cared for Flashback. Pandemonium isn't worth the wait. Thunderbolt is a classic little woodie, but it has poor capacity and the line is always too long.

    So after its top two coasters, I think the next best part of SFNE is the flat and water rides; Scream, three Shoot'n Drop Towers, is always fun, and the water park is free once you are inside the park. The themeing is definitely good, but that credit goes to Riverside, the original park, not Six Flags. In the summer it's usually too crowded, but a nice afternoon shower tends to clear up lines for the evening.

    A new wooden coaster would be perfect for SFNE. Something that could top Batman as the No. 2 coaster. There seems to be plenty of room to exand the park into the woods, which would be ideal for a Gravity Group/GCI wooden coaster. Unfortunately they burned too much money fixing something that wasn't broke (renovating Superman/Bizarro), so I don't see them making new additions in the near future.

    Regardless, Bizarro is world class, and some of the other coasters can be entertaining if you don't hype them up too much. For Cyclone I highly recommend the front seat to spare yourself a little pain. If you aren't looking to maximize your coaster count, I certainly recommend trying out some of the flat rides. The water park is also free if that's your kind of thing.

    I think everyone should visit SFNE at least once, if only to ride Bizarro. Sit in the front once for the visuals, but after that I'd head straight for the back two cars. The airtime back there is unreal. enjoy =)

    --- This message was edited by on 26-Aug-2009 07:37:52 ---

    veggie 25-Apr-2010 19:29:03
    Click to view member photoBizarro is the best! It is so smooth and the drop is just awesome!! Bizarro sets the example of how a steel coaster should ride! Next best IMO would be Batman: The Dark Knight, Mind Eraser and Flashback - all a bit rough though..

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