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Kings Dominion

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Kings Dominion
Previous Names: Paramount's Kings Dominion ( until 2006 )
Location: Doswell, Virginia, 23047, United States
Status: Operating since 1975
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Go-Karts Plus - 53.56 miles
Busch Gardens Europe - 54.59 miles
Six Flags America - 74.79 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Intimidator 305 9.78 9
2. Volcano: The Blast Coaster 8.96 250
3. Dominator 8.48 48
4. Flight of Fear 7.76 233
5. Grizzly 7.16 272
6. Backlot Stunt Coaster 6.88 72
7. Rebel Yell 6.82 265
8. Anaconda 6.47 277
9. Hurler 6.38 248
10. Ricochet 5.98 181
11. Avalanche 5.98 250
12. Shockwave 5.37 242
13. Scooby-Doo's Ghoster Coaster 5.28 178
14. Taxi Jam 3.49 78
1. Hypersonic XLC 8.28 176
2. King Kobra 5.75 20
3. Galaxie 3.56 16

Kings Dominion - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (234 votes)
Coasters: 6.6/10 (2603 votes)
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  • Kings Dominion announces Intimidator 305 for 2010 (20-Aug-2009)
  • Dominator arriving at Kings Dominion for 2008 (24-Oct-2007)
  • Volcano: The Blast Coaster malfunctions leaving two riders complaining of injuries (28-Jun-2006)
  • Paramount's Kings Dominion announce Italian Job Stunt Coaster for 2006 (14-Oct-2005)
  • Paramount's Kings Dominion to get Giant Huss Top Spin in 2005 (14-Sep-2004)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Kings Dominion
    scottmitchell 01-Aug-2002 15:59:35
    From what I remember about this park, is that it was mostly clean and the waits were not bad at all. This was 5 years ago so I don't know what it is like now. I only got to ride the woodies, and I loved them, I would have loved to ride Anaconda or Flight of Fear or any of the newer rides, but they either weren't there or I was too little. I would love to go back to this park and see what has changed now I can ride all the rides.

    futebolstar06 01-Oct-2002 01:14:26
    The best day to go to Kings Dominion is when it is really hot during the summer. Outer Limits and Volcano are probably the best rides in the park. Hpersonic gets old after a few rides because you wait so long for a 30 second ride. Ricochet was a waste of money and space. There are brakes before every turn, so there is no excitment on the ride. Shockwave is very painful and boreing. I am looking foward to the dropzone next season

    Bill 29-Jan-2003 19:04:04
    This park except for 1 midway has no atmosphere. This park desperately needs scenery and a lot of scenery near anaconda.Even with the paint job this coaster (While quite good) is very ugly. Shockwave needs to be removed like king cobra was because it is very rough and very boring! Hypersonic is cool but too short. The best rides here are Flight of fear and Volcano. Make sure you ride these!!! Flight of fear is great without the OTSH's. If you didn't like it then, Give it another try! Grizzly is easy to miss and is well hidden. This is a great coaster so make sure you ride it. It's like a miniature Beast at PKI!

    --- This message was edited by Bill on Jan 29, 2003 7:05:49 PM ---

    goldsun 05-Apr-2003 22:17:12
    I have been to PKD a lot, and it gets boring after the first couple trips. Hypersonic is good the first time, and the second too, but by the fourth ride, you end up waiting an hour for a 30 second ride. Volcano is the second greatest coaster I've ben on. (the first being The Hulk at IOA)the first year it opened, wait was around 8 hours because it broke down ever hour, for an hour. Outer Limits is good too, but its identical to the Outer Limits at Kings Island.

    goldsun 15-Apr-2003 23:18:18
    I have now been to it this season, and I loved the added Drop Zone. The spongebob squarepants 3-D ride is good, and Volcano was good.

    SonOfKyuss 04-Feb-2004 02:54:32
    Just to answer any questions, Grizzly is a FINE wooden coaster, provided certain circumstances are met. First, ride only after dark. The ride has no lights and the track has had time to settle in for the day. Second, ride in the back seat. It can get a little rough, but the airtime is intense. Last, ride with a friend. It's fun not seeing where you're going if you have someone else to scream with.

    tarheel89 18-Sep-2004 21:41:23
    well PKD is considered my home park along with Busch Gardens so i've been there quite a few times. i think it's a pretty good park with many rollercoasters but they're not the best. i agree with all of you and say that Flight of Fear and Volano are the best. i also have a question. is it true that they're gonna tear down Rebel Yell and the Hurler? just what i heard but i'm not sure if it's true.

    rrfsteve 11-Nov-2004 13:40:11
    Click to view member photoI love this park! Well, I have worked there a couple of times, so i am slightly bias. Volcano ad FoF are world class coasters, and rides such as White Water Canyon, and Drop Zone are great also.

    The Grizzly... My baby! I worked this ride, and trust me, it's a gem when it runs right! Ive been on this ride loads of times, its been bad, its been good... but this one time - it rocked my world! When you ride this ride, it has to be dark, sit in the back, and is best when two trains are running (Ride in the orange train - it's two seconds faster than the yellow!!)

    I love the fun environment of PKD, which isnt matched by parks like Busch Gardens, where glum faced street sweepers make waving at a train the worst job in the world!

    P.S. Tomb Raider the ride you will either love or hate! When I rode it at PKI I loved it. I look forward to riding KD's version. OH... and I heard a roumour (form a non-kd source) That the park has major expansion plans. I hope this is true, I guess we have to wait and see!

    PKD FOR EVER!!!!!

    flyingmonkey 06-Jun-2006 03:38:10
    agree that this park is one of the best. havent been to enuff, but i still think this park is world class. volcano is one of my favorite rides. love almost all the rides at PKD. hurler is awesome, because almost nobody goes there anymore, so you can sit in the same seat (or just changes seats if there is somebody lined up for your car) for the next ride! me and my friend rode it 14 times in a row, and the curves are WICKED.
    everyone in my area is obessesed with six flags america, which i think is a load of junk compared to PKD. take this park over SFA everytime...

    cedarpointfreak50 15-Oct-2006 19:35:24
    TAXI JAM: One of the most boring kiddie coasters ever. 1/10
    GHOSTER COASTER: These junior woodies are actually pretty fun. 5/10
    SHOCKWAVE: Has a good first drop, but the restraints are awful and provide a pretty painful ride. 4/10
    AVALANCHE: I find bobsled coasters to be kinda boring. 5/10
    RICHOCET: Good Wild MOuse. Brakes weren't on very hard. 7/10
    HURLER: Good in the front. Very rough in the back. 6/10
    ANACONDA: A fairly smooth Arrow multi-looper with a great setting and a great first drop. A little bumpy in parts though. 7/10
    ITALIAN JOB TURBO COASTER: The launches aren't very intense, but the theming is great. 6/10
    REBEL YELL: Ride it backwards, as going forwards is very boring. 6/10
    GRIZZLY: Sometimes VERY good, othertimes, not so good. 6/10
    FLIGHT OF FEAR: Very fun and intense enclosed ride with some really good inversions. 8/10
    HYPERSONIC XLC: Awesome launch and airtime, but too short. 9/10
    VOLCANO: The best ride in the park. Amazing feeling getting lauched up vertically. 10/10

    OVERALL PARK RATING: 7/10 Best Paramount park with a couple of great steel coasters, but still not perfect.

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