Six Flags Great Adventure

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Six Flags Great Adventure Logo
Six Flags Great Adventure - Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags Great Adventure
Location: Jackson, New Jersey, 08527, United States
Status: Operating since 1974
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Jenkinson's Boardwalk - 14.07 miles
Blackbeard's Cave - 17.03 miles
Casino Pier - 17.42 miles

Recent Park News
  • Zumanjaro opens at Six Flags Great Adventure (09-Jul-2014)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure announces the world's tallest drop tower for 2014 (29-Aug-2013)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure announces Green Lantern, a new roller coaster opening in 2011 (17-Sep-2010)
  • Great American Scream Machine closing at Six Flags Great Adventure (13-Jul-2010)
  • Six Flags emerges from bankruptcy (04-May-2010)
    Member Ratings
    Park: 8.3/10 (309 votes)
    7.2/10 (3190 votes)
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    Member Contributions
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    Roller Coasters
    Operating Rating Votes
    1. El Toro 9.58 240
    2. Nitro 9.25 431
    3. Kingda Ka 9.07 269
    4. Bizarro 8.45 402
    5. Superman: Ultimate Flight 7.64 297
    6. Batman: The Ride 7.50 391
    7. Green Lantern 6.64 72
    8. Skull Mountain 5.28 353
    9. Runaway Train 5.05 298
    10. Dark Knight 4.74 128
    11. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train 4.20 202
    12. Road Runner Railway 3.55 107
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Batman) 7.51 171
    2. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Robin) 7.47 207
    3. Ultra Twister 6.45 11
    4. Great American Scream Machine 6.11 357
    5. Shockwave 6.11 18
    6. Lightning Loops (Bottom) 6.08 12
    7. Lightning Loops 5.87 15
    8. Sarajevo Bobsled 5.76 21
    9. Rolling Thunder 5.52 351
    10. Viper 4.45 182
    Under Construction Rating Votes
    1. Total Mayhem 0.00 0

    Members' Comments Add Comment
    Topic: Six Flags Great Adventure

    Karl 05-Jan-2010 20:36:36
    Click to view member photoHi can someone tell mi is Kingda Ka good scary bad can someone whoose been on it tell mi how it is.

    BobbyKCoasterfan6797 09-Dec-2009 00:21:20
    My top 10 and what seat their the best in and I'll rate them 1-5

    10.Runaway train back 2 points
    9.Skull moutain back 2.5oints
    8.Rolling thunder back 2.9 points
    7.Scream Machine back 3 points
    6.Superman front and back 3.5 points
    5.Batman front and back 3.5 points
    4.Kingda ka front 4 points
    3.Bizzaro(Medusa) front and back 4 points
    2.Nitro back 4.5 points
    1.El toro front and back 5 points

    Jackfender24 02-Sep-2009 04:16:09
    best day of my life----period.
    no one was there, rode everything and even rode some things more then three times!
    nitro-10/10 my 3rd favorite. definaltey has the best drop in the park and has a great staff and seating is very comfortable. rode this 6 times!
    batman the ride-9/10 the drop and the loop are outstanding and there are some good corkscrews and twists but it wasnt that fast. rode this 5 times!
    the dark knight-2/10 the opening scene takes too long, way too much money, ot fast, no drop, and its REDICOULASLY loud! thank god i rode this once
    skull mountain-5/10 it is the best ride you can ever find for kids but thrill seekers could be dissapointed. its fast but there is nothing but turns and its very short. rode this twice
    superman ultimate flight-10/10 my fourth favorite in the park. 3 amazing things and 2 bad things. one bad thing is the position is terribly uncomfortable, and another thing is its very short. the best thing is the pretzel loop where u feel like ure flying. also the drop and the corkscrew are amazing! rode this five times!
    great american scream machine-7/10 the first drop is great but from there its nothing but mind boggiling pain. the last corkscrew is alright but the 4 loops are a KILLER....IN A TERRIBLE WAY! rode this twice
    kingda ka-9/10 alright....three reasons why this wasnt a ten. i excepcted much more, it was a long wait for a short ride, it was not that big of a drop to me. the best thing about this ride is the takeoff because the speed is very impressive no doubt.sadly i only got to ride this once.
    el toro-10/10 my favorite ride in the park! the drop is probably the best drop that i've ever been on and its so fast...and all of this is on a WOODEN COASTER by the way which makes it ten times better and more fun! the last part (the finale) is my fav part because it gets very fast on the turns! i rode this three times!
    rolling thunder-4/10 oh my god, put me outta my misery! the drop was alright and thats what got it to a 4, but its easily the most PAINFUL ride ive ever been NOT kidding. i only rode this once :)!
    bizarro-10/10 my second favorite ride in the park. its defiantley an upgrade from medusa, great first drop, has a great speed level, and the mist element is AMAZING! only poor thing is the music...WAY TOO LOUD! rode this 3 times

    CoAsTerJoRDan1396 22-Jul-2009 00:16:33
    ttspeed you obviously asked someone who had no clue what they were talking about. First off it was already confirmed that SFGA had ordered new parts from Intamin for kingda ka, and (i went to the park today) lastly a ride op today told me that it should be up and running by the end of July.

    ttspeed 12-Jul-2009 17:25:27
    Kingda ka was closed because it was struck by lightening when I went. A ride op said that they might be moving it to a different park with better weather and I think they might move it to magic mountain so when they get the new coaster in 2010 they will break the record for the most roller coasters at a single park.

    jjc 28-Jun-2009 02:00:29
    Another thing about SFGE is that you have to get a locker for almost every coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so stupid and makes me sooo angery. I know they try to find any way to scam you but this is just irrational. They can put bins on the side of the coaster like most other parks. And even if you frgt to put something in a locker, they will make you either throw it out or get off the line and put it in a locker. This includes the sports bottles they sell and anything you bring onto the ride with you. I TRULY MEAN EVERYTHING!!!
    This pisses me off a great deal and makes me want tosend an email to the park. Sometimes i feel i would rather go to another park just so that i dont have to give them my money!! The only reason i go back is because they have excellent coasters. And the staff has to move much faster when seating people. For example with a flash pass i went to rolling thunder.
    A new train left the station evry 5 min literally!!! I have rarely seen the ride run more than 1 train and only once out of a large amount of times waiting for that ride have i seen trains on both tracks running. I feel like the staff has much improving to do. This makes me sooo angryy!!!!

    jjc 28-Jun-2009 01:43:15
    Six flags has improved the park for 2009 while also making it less enjoyable. Bizzaro is overall a good ride experience and has improved with the mist fire and music on the ride. The ride is not that different from Medusa but the intensity level I feel has rose a good amount. I feel they could have done much more to the ride and i also feel that they did not spend much on improving the ride. For example, the scenery using the buildings is extremely weak and can use much improvement. The mist is also very cool and refreshing but some riders do not even feel it because of the wind. The wind causes the fog to not hit riders as the train goes by. The mist should be very powerful and camoflauge the track of the ride.(which it does not) The music choice is terrible. (After being on the ride you are not even listening to the sounds because there are too many sounds being potrayed in the speaker at once. When dealing with the fire, riders can barely see it because they are being held upside down. Even though you are able to feel the heat, if one could see the fire the ride experience would increase. The ride should have also had more new features. For example Six flags should have made an indoor portion of the ride right after the first set of brakes during the ride. While the riders are indoor, there should be some effects like pith darrkness or loud noises or something. Despite all of this, Medusa has improven and i still definitley enjoy the ride. Also, the front row is the only way to go on this ride. The effects work much better when in the front row and the ride is much more intense in the front.Do not be fooled by the back row! It looks cool because there are only two seats and you are not sitting next to anybody. But do not be fooled the lines are longer and the back is nothing compared to the experience on the front row. Also when geting up to the station platform, move directly to the fron row. The station will be crowded but just squeeze your way through the crowds telling the people you are waiting to get the front row. If you don't you will be waiting extra time and flash pass people will be skipping you!

    Pillsberry666 15-Jun-2009 16:58:04
    Top Thrill is better. You don't have any restraints other than a lapbar. The full harness kills airtime.

    ArgoZ 23-May-2009 19:12:00
    I've rode both Top Thrill Dragster and Kinda Ka. Both are awesome! I prefer TTD because it has better theming, a smoother ride and ONLY a lap bar. So yes even though KK is higher by 30 feet (which you can't notice) and faster by 8 miles (which you can't notice) and has a slow zero airtime hump, Top Thrill is better.

    malvern84 09-Oct-2008 13:46:03
    Click to view member photoBEWARE!!!!! This years fright fest attractions each cost an additional $5, keep this in mind when you pay your 60 dollar admission. My two cents, fright fest this year is not worth it.

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