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Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Park Info
Location: Aurora, Ohio, United States
Status: Defunct
Opened: 1888 - 2003

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Member Ratings
Park: 7.0/10 (152 votes)
Coasters: 0.0/10 (0 votes)
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    Topic: Six Flags Worlds of Adventure
    fxnib 25-Aug-2002 21:52:01
    I live 20 min from this park and use to work 5 min down the road from this park and the only time I will go here is if I get really really cheap tickets. I perfer to drive the hour or so to Cedar Point or the 4 or 5 hour trip to Kings Island. Six flags although there is a nice ride selection is a dirty smelly dump. With long long lines and not so friendly workers or other guests. Its like going to the hood, even though its located way out in the rural/ medium suburb east side of Cleveland, Ebonics is a must to go to this park. I would perfer to jump into a frozen pond naked then willingly go and pay to enter this park. They have a good advertising ploy with the six Flags name and the combination of the old sea world of ohio, the variety is there but its and tight park with narrow paths from ride to ride, also it seems like the rides are either always broke or they are to lazy to open them. And to wonder why people die and get hurt at this park, i think the workers are bused in from halfway houses they all seem like slowmotion crackheads. the only good things about this park are the Big Dipper if you like old wood coaster this coaster actually sux but it is an oldy built around 1926 or so one of the older operating coasters in the world, and then theres the Villian a steel structure wood coaster is a good one, als if you like to get beat up on a ride then go ride the Raging Wolf Bobs, if you didn't have a headache before you do now. But If old school woodies are what ya like drive like 45 min to a hour east to Coneaut Lake Park in PA, They have a sweet ass oldschool 1937 out and back one and parking is free and the coaster is 4 tickets. As for Six flags I wouldnt recomend it not even for the kids, take them to Cedar Point or Kings Island. But if you do decide to go to Six Flags take this advise be hide your wallet pray your car is still there when you get out and watch BET 1st so you can brush up on ebonics and be prepared to get pissed off, the ignorant workers and crowd will get the job done. Remeber I warned you!

    sixflagslover 14-Feb-2003 17:20:57
    i think sfwoa is a park for little kids park at the sea word side butt the thatller side is for big kids like 12 and up expat for loony tone land thats for kids x flaght look cool i dont go on it i hate rollerc coasters ok later

    CP4ever 15-Mar-2003 17:10:33
    Six Flags is a great park, even though the theming is a bit babyish. I love the Villain. It's one of my favorite coasters. I am glad they saved trees by building it with steel supports. I also like Superman and Batman. Serial Thriller gives me a headache and I feel like I'm gonna fall out of X-Flight. I'll gladly go there any time. You kids should type better. If you don't like this park, keep your opinions to yourself and go to another park.

    D-MONOFDARKNESS 11-Apr-2003 02:47:57
    Too bad... looks like this park got jipped out of a hyper so that SFMM could keep up with cedar point... well there's always next year...

    luzer4life420 25-Apr-2003 18:40:44
    If you dont like the park why the hell wouldnt you tell the people so that they dont waste their time and money at this peice of crap place? Its all run down and dirty, the employees are @$$holes, and the food costs ungoldy huge amounts. A penut butter and jelly sandwich with a thing of yogurt costs $6. The rides all suck which is nothing amazing considering it is a Six Flags park, the only one wirth riding is Batman or whatever it is. X Flicht is an overhyped peice of sh*t and nothing they add to this god forsaken hunk of dirt will make it worth spending your money on.

    phantompenguin 07-May-2003 02:06:04
    Just like every other Six Flags park you go here for the coasters, not for the atmosphere, not for the other rides, and certainly not for the service.

    I was dissatisfied with the park, the roller coasters, with the exception of Batman and the Villain, weren't that great, the service was awful, and they completely ruined SeaWorld.

    Astro Zombie 13-Dec-2003 19:56:37
    This park is a waste of space, it could have the best coasters in the world and still be a waste. It does have Villian and Big Dipper, which are pretty much the only positive parts of this park, to bad SF doesn't keep them up that good. The only reason we go to this park is we got $30 SF season passes, if it weren't for that I probably woulnd never go to this park. With Cedar Point, Conneaut Lake, and Kennywood, with in a few hours drive why would you choose SFWOA over those other great parks.

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