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Six Flags Great America

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags Great America
Previous Names: Marriot's Great America ( until 1983 )
Location: Gurnee, Illinois, 60031, United States
Status: Operating since 1976
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Santa's Village - 26.18 miles
Little Amerricka - 79.76 miles
Michigan's Adventure - 104.91 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Raging Bull 9.04 227
2. Superman: Ultimate Flight 8.29 138
3. Viper 8.13 220
4. Batman: The Ride 7.79 224
5. Vertical Velocity 7.74 161
6. American Eagle 7.08 230
7. Demon 6.11 223
8. Whizzer 6.09 203
9. Ragin' Cajun 5.93 82
10. Iron Wolf 5.78 219
11. Dark Knight 5.17 24
12. Spacely's Sprocket Rockets 3.89 104
1. Deja Vu 7.92 116
2. Tidal Wave 7.50 26
3. Shockwave 6.22 121
4. Rolling Thunder 6.03 39
5. Gulf Coaster 6.00 2
6. Z-Force 5.67 18
Under Construction
1. Little Dipper 0.00 0
2. Unknown 0.00 0

Six Flags Great America - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 8.3/10 (190 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (2055 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Great America
    pprobst99 04-Jan-2004 07:17:08
    raging bull was a blast if u love m force at cedar point than you gotta try raging bull. its fast and sleak and sweet, also some good wooden coasters too. american eagle was awesome backwards, and viper for a new wooden coaster its fast and sweet.

    Blaz1 15-Jul-2005 04:05:09
    I'm from Milwaukee Wi which is less than an hour from SFGA so I make trips down there about once a year. In My most recent trip the lines were so short i was able to go on every coaster (even the kiddy coasters) before 3:00PM. Here is my personal ranking:1. Viper 2.Deja Vu 3.Ragin Bull 4.Superman Ultimate Flight 5. Batman The Ride 6.American Eagle. 7.Vertical Velocity (V2) 8. Iron Wolf 9.Demon 10. Whizzer etc.
    It may come to some suprise that viper was my favorite. I liked it over the others because you feel every drop and every dip whereas in other rides you only feel the first drop. In a close second came Deja Vu this ride was a rush the whole way my only problem was the line was the longest and it breaksdown frequently but it still is an awesome ride. Third was Ragin Bull, the first drop was fun but i really dont feel the others which is a disapointing. Superman's first loop makes it all worthwile. Batman is non stop action but is over to fast. American Eagle is so rickity you actually fear death. V2 really did nothing for me you just go back and forth and get banged around in your seat. Iron Wolf would be more fun if it didnt hurt. And demon and whizzer are uneventful however i would advise you to go on them just to complete all 10

    Unregistered 04-Feb-2006 19:53:28
    I Had a great time When I went There but I Only got to go on Superman,Raging Bull,Iron Wolf and American Eagle. If you go there you might not want to go on Iron Wolf you gat a bad headake after the ride. and on American Eagle it take's a while to get to the ride while wating in line.

    --- This message was edited by on 04-Feb-2006 19:55:15 ---

    bearsfan 19-Jul-2006 19:51:03
    This is an amazingly great park and water park, I'd reccomend it 2 any1 in the world no matter how old, no matter how young. Great for the whole family. except watever u do dont go on iron wolf, its a head slammer. if u like air time and u like losing ur stomach, back row viper all the way! and the lines are so short for that ride. if u like big drops and heavily banked turns, go on raging bull. if u like a sudden burst of speed and a strait down drop, try v2. if u like inversions, then batman. if u like sharp turns, sudden dips and spinning around, then ragin cajun is a great ride. if ur looking for a fast, classic woodie then go to american eagle. if u like a more gentle ride then go on whizzer and spacely's sprocket rockets. if u dont like any of those things then u shuldnt b on this website

    --- This message was edited by on 29-Aug-2006 04:56:58 ---

    Luxornv 10-Aug-2006 06:08:28
    Click to view member photoThis is a good park, decent roller coasters and rides. I have nothing bad to say about it, but it would be nice if some more well known roller coasters went up here, like some that could break some records. Best ride there has to be Verticall Velocity. It's probably me, but I like the sudden acceleration.

    leprechaunman 30-Aug-2006 03:13:05
    Great park.Amazing in every way.The coasters,the flat rides,the food.....everything. MUST COASTERS: Raging Bull (hell yeah!really comfy seats, awesome banked turns and great drops), Superman (fun flying experience),Vertical Velocity (it isnt even scary,very fast and a great jolt at the begining love the twist),The Viper (great dips and drops, smooth for a wooden coaster),American Eagle (very rickety its fun that way), and the Demon(awesome double loops and double corscrews) Overall its an awesome park and you have to go to it (dont go on iron wolf)

    --- This message was edited by on 30-Aug-2006 03:16:04 ---

    bearsfan 03-Sep-2006 03:41:04
    hey just went agian 2day it was sweet i went on 9 of the twelve roller coasters plus tornado. tip: on iron wolf hold ur head up against 1 of the side cushion things and u'll be fine

    --- This message was edited by on 03-Sep-2006 03:41:49 ---

    Luxornv 26-Sep-2006 03:19:15
    Click to view member photoI was reading on the Great America website that Giant Drop is currently not available. The only reason I can think of that they would actually mention something on the site is that there was a massive ride failure. Something big, I would think they'd mention in the news, but I haven't found or heard anything from the past few days. Does anyone know what's up with this?

    Luxornv 15-Oct-2006 05:34:24
    Click to view member photoThis past visit was probably the worst one ever. It was cold today, so I figured the crowds would be down, but it was among the most crowded I've seen there. I only got on 3 coasters and 2 other rides. They were really slow dispatching trains on all the coasters, and even the one train coasters (V2, Deja Vu) they were slow getting the lines moving. Later in the day, I tried to ride Deja Vu and they said it was closed due to weather. It wasn't windy, there was no precipitation (so no ice on the tracks), and it wasn't even below freezing, so ALL of the rides should have been able to operate just fine. I have had many visits there that were far better than this one.

    bearsfan 07-Feb-2007 21:38:21
    about the giant drop thing im not sure whats happening but on my last few visits three of the trains have been stuck on the top and the other stuck 3/4ths of the way up. good thing nobody was on it lol. yeah but ive been wondering about that

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