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Hersheypark - Amusement Theme Park Info


Park Info
Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1907

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Storm Runner 9.09 131
2. Lightning Racer 8.59 252
3. Great Bear 8.01 252
4. Wildcat 7.41 266
5. Comet 7.00 275
6. Sooperdooperlooper 6.22 264
7. Roller Soaker 6.13 126
8. Wild Mouse 5.75 212
9. Sidewinder 5.32 218
10. Trailblazer 4.54 236

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Twin Tobbogans 3.75 4
Member Ratings
Park: 8.5/10 (238 votes)
Coasters: 6.8/10 (2232 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Hersheypark to get new Boardwalk area for 2007 centennial celebration (13-Jul-2006)
  • Hersheypark to add interactive dark ride for 2006 (26-Oct-2005)
  • Hersheypark photo gallery updated (22-Jan-2005)
  • Hersheypark cancels plans for new coaster (10-Dec-2004)
  • Hersheypark announces a new prototype coaster for 2005 (28-Sep-2004)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Hersheypark
    scottmitchell 01-Aug-2002 16:07:12
    This is my home park and I love it to death, Especially when the wind is right and you can smell some of the chocolate from the nearby factories. This place has a great spread of rides for everybody, is well marked and clean. The coasters are also pretty good. My only peice of advice for everyone is to avoid going on days when there is a concert at night, the park is so crowded it is impossible to do anything.

    TheFlyingDutchman 20-Aug-2002 16:02:21
    Hershey is a great park. Great Coasters, great food. They could use another steel coaster like a Compact B&M; Floorless Coaster. Great Bear was a little too short, but still pretty fun. Overall Great park!

    MovieCoast 08-Sep-2002 13:02:15
    Hersheypark rules!!! Anyone who doesn'r love this park is insane!!! Great rides, great food, great atmosphere, and great fun!!! What more could you ask for?

    dee 18-Nov-2002 02:54:08
    Hershey is a wonderful family park. Clean, friendly, and close to several tourist spots (State Capital, Lancaster, Gettysburg, Philadelphia). New coasters pop up about every 2 years, and they keep getting better! Park is also open with limited rides for the fall season (Creatures of the Night) and Christmas (Candy Lane) so the fun continues past the summer rush.

    3r1c 18-May-2003 23:08:12
    Anyone who is a fan of wooden twisters must stop by Hershey. They have one of the best combos of them - Wildcat and Lightning Racer. Those two, alone, are worth the admission. The Comet and Great Bear also add a nice touch to their collection of coasters.

    Roller Coaster Fan 22-Jul-2003 16:07:47
    This is my FAVORITE park. Wildcat is awesome and so intense, but Great Bear is the greatest. It's a great coaster, and wou;d've been given a 10/10 if it was longer. But all the coasters are good. Lightning Racer is interesting, although it lacks the sheer intensity of Dueling Dragons, it still can give the impression of collision. Wild Mouse isn't too good, it has no intensity. I didn't go on Sidewinder, but it looks good. Sooperdooperlooper is good, making use of the terrain. It's good to just have roller coasters that don't make you think you;ll hit beans, you'll hit landscape. But although Sooperdooperlooper is good, it's funny, as it only has 1 loop. But this is the greatest park.

    TheForce 11-Aug-2003 23:15:31
    When I went there I was like 2 and didn't ride any of the coasters. I want to go back there.

    IndyJones 24-Aug-2003 19:37:44
    I went 2 years ago and I rode Lightning Racers tons. I really like them. The rest of the rides are pretty good too.

    ekim91389 09-Jun-2005 02:53:28
    Hershey is a great park. Definatley worth going to if your in the area. Features great coasters like Great Bear, Lightning Racers, Storm Runner and Wild Cat. Storm Runner definatley to short but still worth the wait. Lightning Racers never get old no matter how many times you go on it. Hershey is definatley under rated. Great to go in early June and late August. No lines what so ever at those times.

    ekim91389 09-Jun-2005 16:26:42
    I still cant get over how great light racers are even in the rain. Great BEar good coaster however to short but gets adrenilin going. Comet=sweet old coaster. Great Bunny hops. Bumber cars are the best around. The Kiss tower gives a great view of the whole park, family friendly. Wild cat very ruff but has a great first drop. Hershey park is one sick adventure

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