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Silver Dollar City

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Silver Dollar City
Location: Branson, Missouri, 65616, United States
Status: Operating since 1960
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Route 66 Carousel Park - 75.47 miles
Magic Springs and Crystal Falls - 148.20 miles
Kiddie Park - 152.37 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Powder Keg 8.27 37
2. Wildfire 8.16 64
3. Thunderation 6.74 70
4. Fire In The Hole 5.85 68
5. Grand Exposition Coaster 4.50 2
1. Buzzsaw Falls 6.30 30
2. Runaway Ore Cart 3.44 25

Silver Dollar City - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (64 votes)
Coasters: 7.1/10 (241 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Silver Dollar City announces Tom and Huck's River Blast for 2010 (06-Nov-2009)
  • Powder Keg to be modified after minor accident (25-Mar-2005)
  • Silver Dollar City announce a new launched coaster for 2005 (06-Nov-2004)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Silver Dollar City
    Z350 06-Jul-2004 20:42:00
    Silver Dollar City is one of my favorite theme parks. It's Rollercoasters are great. Wildfire is the best looping coaster I've ever ridden and Thunderation, although a mine train, stil offers a great thrill. The Fire-In-The-Hole is an OK indoor ride. 'A Blast in the Wilderness' is coming in '05 is rumored to be an S&S; Power combined with water. I've been numerous times and go back every year.

    MisterP 23-Mar-2005 03:59:26
    Silver Dollar City is a pure pleasure to visit. Its theming and atmosphere is the best Ive experienced ouside Disney. You feel that you are in some historic, out-of-the way place. The new Powder Keg coaster looks to be another excellently-themed coaster with a lot of originality (I will visit in '05). Wildfire is a great (if short) B&M; 'semi'-floorless coaster and worth repeated trips. Thunderration is a fun mine train-type coaster. Fire In The Hole is a classic (I first went on when I was 9 years old and I still love it). The water rides are well-themed and their Flooded Mine shootout boat ride is great fun. If you like shows they have a good selection and don't forget about the Marvel Cave tour. A must-visit.

    mcblaq 13-May-2005 02:53:45
    Click to view member photoPowderkeg is pretty sweet. I rode it during spring break days which was its soft opening.
    The launch isn't too intense but the first two hills are LOADED with airtime! Although the second half of the ride was a little disappointing I kept on going back simply because of the first two hills!
    I gave it a 9/10. If youve been on it tell me what you think, im curious.

    BrianTheCoasterFreak 06-Nov-2005 07:08:59
    If your a coaster fanatic then this is not the place for you. Silver Dollar City is a FAMILY PARK first and second. If you enjoy theme parks with a wonderful atmosphere then you will love this sacred place. I have never seen a park that has friendlier service and scenery that even compares to this place. Powder Keg is a great woodie and in my opinion is the best coaster in the great state of Missouri. Wildfire is very enjoyable as well. So if you are looking to add a few good coasters to your resume or you are looking for a great place for a family vacation then this is your place. But if you're looking for a great thrill seeking park then there are better options for you.

    bsheldon 16-May-2006 17:58:17
    I just vistied SDC last weekend for the first time. The above comments are fairly accurate. It is a bit complex to traverse at first, as you can't see the coasters from the park at all. However, by the second day, I had it down. The theming is very good and extremely complete. VERY friendly staff. The ride ops are not the usual 15 or 16 year old annoyed kids, but very friendly middle aged people that really do go out of their way to be friendly to ensure you are having a good time. The addition of the Grand Exposition section is a much needed. It really rounds out the ride selection with 5 flat rides, 4 kiddie rides and a kiddie coaster. Before this addition the park did not have any flat nor kiddie rides, just tons of shops, 4 coasters, one dark shooting water ride and 3 big wet water rides. The food is great and very reasonably priced. Marvel cave is worth the one hour tour. All 4 coasters are very entertaining and the flooded mine shooting ride is a lot of fun. Powder Keg is an airtime machine. Wildfire is a great looping super smooth B&M; speed coaster that moves a ton of people. Thunderation is the best mine train ride I have ever been on. Fire in the Hole was much more fun than I ever imagined it could be. Those reasons alone makes it worth the trip for one day, but a 2-3 day trip can get a bit monotinous if you don't like the country shows, which there are about a dozen different ones at different times all day. I don't care for the shows, so I split my time between here and Celebration City. City Hopper pass for both parks for 3 days was $59--great deal.

    KoasterKrazy 22-Aug-2006 03:20:40
    Silver Dollar City is my home park and I'll have to say that it's one of my favorites. Wildfire and Powder Keg are both great roller coasters. Powder Keg has tons of airtime and Wildfire's drop is probably my favorite although I have been on bigger drops. The shows there are pretty cool, especially the Xtreme air show. They also have some fun water rides like Water Toboggan and American Plunge. The theming is excellent throughout the park and the food is great. This is a park worth visiting.

    coasterjen 08-Mar-2007 16:57:44
    I love Silver Dollar City! Before I had gone to Cedar Point, someone once told me they liked SDC a lot better. After visiting Cedar Point, I kind of agree. I love Cedar Point for its awesome rides, but the theming could be better, and I personally felt rushed to ride everything. At Silver Dollar City I had more pure fun, more downtime to enjoy my friends and the comfortable old fashioned atmosphere. Wildfire is great, especially if you do what I accidentally did once. When you get to the top, I was marveling at how beautiful the hills are, and then the drop took me completely by surprise and took my breath away. We always have fun riding Fire in the Hole, and Powederkeg was really fun too. Thunderation was great because you get to ride backwards or forwards, and either way is awesome. SDC is a perfect combination of enjoyable family atmosphere with great rides also.

    SFSTLFAN1 15-Aug-2008 15:50:39
    SDC is amazing park the rides like Wildfire are pretty good, but the thing that impresed me was the theming was great.

    alex13 18-Feb-2009 04:19:12
    I found that there are very few rides for a very ridiculous $50.00 Entrance Fee. But the one coaster that I had my mind on was Wildfire. An amazing B&M; coaster at its finest. I think a park such as my hometown, Six Flags St. Louis needs something like that desperately!

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