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Six Flags St. Louis

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags St. Louis
Location: Eureka, Missouri, 63025, United States
Status: Operating since 1971
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Silver Dollar City - 192.99 miles
Holiday World - 201.79 miles
Worlds of Fun - 212.38 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Evel Knivel 8.35 26
2. Mr. Freeze 7.85 112
3. Boss 7.68 113
4. Batman: The Ride 7.66 128
5. Screamin' Eagle 7.39 129
6. Tony Hawk's Big Spin 6.53 36
7. Ninja 5.69 122
8. River King Mine Train 5.59 116
1. Jet Scream 5.60 15
2. Acme Gravity Powered Roller Ride 4.32 28

Six Flags St. Louis - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 7.2/10 (113 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (782 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags St. Louis
    D-MONOFDARKNESS 10-Sep-2002 23:33:44
    I went here as a kid, and perhaps will return someday, especially if they get a hypercoaster.

    LuvChyld79 09-Dec-2004 01:15:59
    For being a small park with no interesting thrill rides, the roller coasters here are actually really good. Since they got rid of the over-the-shoulder harnesses on Mr. Freeze, it's turned out to be an excellent ride. And the Boss is awesome. Best curves around. The Screamin Eagle will always rank high with me- it was my first wooden ride and still an excellent coaster.

    MisterP 23-Mar-2005 03:52:07
    I've been going to SFStL since it opened in the early 70's. It has traditionally been a beautifully-landscaped park with mostly good theming (though not necessarily on many of the rides). Its lost a lot of the charm that it had in the 70-80s since the whole Warner Bros./DC Comics thing has taken over, but its overall a pretty good park. Mr. Freeze is a top-notch LIM coaster now that they removed the OTS restraints. The Screamin Eagle is a classic (and underrated) woodie and the Boss is good, though it was smoother the first two years of its existence than the last couple. Batman is great, the Mine Train has character, and the Ninja is a pile of scrap that needs to be replaced. Their flat ride selection is OK. They need to add a B&M; or Intamin coaster (or a wood twister - CCI?) to regain their footing as one of the stronger members of the Six Flags chain.

    Benji 27-May-2005 01:40:29
    It is still one of the greatest and prettiest theme parks anywhere. It has the Batman, Mr.Freeze, River King Mine Train, The Boss, The Ninja, and The Screaming Eagle, there is so much to choose from! The roller coasters are from old to new for any age and still thrills them today. In 2005, they added in a world-class water slide called the Tornado-'Ride the Ultimate Storm!' I've been going here since I was a little kid, and today it's still a great theme park.

    BrianTheCoasterFreak 06-Nov-2005 06:39:05
    I've been going to this park since I've been a little kid but I must say the rides Six Flags have installed in their other parks over the last 10 years are for the most part head and shoulders better than what they have added here. Batman is a good ride and The Boss was very good but over the last three years the ride on this woodie has become quite rough. Mr. Freeze has been a bust from day one. Compared to The Boss and Batman, the lines for Mr. Freeze are tiny due to the fact that most people do not like this ride and for good reason. The launch is decent but the rest of the ride lacks a lot to be desired. Also, when going backwards your head can bang around alot which causes nausea and headaches for many riders. Considering that this park draws good crowds year in and year out Six Flags has done a diservice to this park. With the extra 400 unused acres that they have, they really need to add 2 state of the art coasters here instead of continuing to waste money on other parks that do not create nearly as much revenue as this park does. In a large metropolitan area like St. Louis which has no other coaster competition, a smart business man would take advantage of the opportunity Six Flags has here. With no current plans to add any new coasters it isnt a surprise to me that Six Flags revenue is low and they wish to sell. Overall Ranking A Generous 7/10

    coasterjen 06-Mar-2007 20:21:56
    This is my home park that I've been going to forever and worked at last year. (best job ever by the way, get to test ride coasters almost every day) I do wish they'd get one really great coaster, but I think it is a nice park. The Boss is my favorite wooden roller coaster ever, better than Cedar Points woodies. Screamin' Eagle really is just a classic and awesome, both are bumpy but I don't mind it. All the coasters are fun, decent heights and speeds, typical steel coasters, but I wish we had one unique ride to draw people in from other states. If you are traveling to this park, come for the Boss I'd say. Two minutes of breathtaking drops and fear of hitting your head on the supports! Its especially neat at night. As with any theme park, if you want short lines come during the week, there were times when I worked the Mine Train that the same families would ride over and over again because the line was so short. Anyway, it is a beautiful park with really fun rides, I think their main problem actually is theming. They have Scooby-Doo and Mr. Freeze next to eachother, and they built the Superman back in the old fashioned part. Other than that, I love it.

    Unregistered 11-Apr-2007 19:56:16
    I think six flags st. louis is the best six flags in the world becasue it has a unique and one of a kind collection. Its by far the best six flags ever! THE MR. FREEZE WAS MY FIRST ROLLERCOASTER AND IS THE BEST ROLLER COASTER.I do agree with some ppl about the Boss not being so smooth but when i get off i have the urge to get back on! Everything is perfect there and i wouldnt get rid of an of the rides in the world. Besides that i would redo the screaming eagle the wood looks like it has alot of termites in it..... but anyways a very good rollercoaster.

    guru_ryan 12-Apr-2008 15:19:50
    This is my home park. The River King Mine Train is actually underrated, it's a great family ride. Batman is OK, but a little repetative. I actually like Ninja a lot, but I still think it needs to be replaced as it isn't that popular. Mr. Freeze is awesome. The Screamin' Eagle should never be torn down, it's loaded with airtime. The Boss is extremely intense, but is a great ride overall that I think is a favorite woodie of many people. Tony Hawk's Big Spin was a mistake, even though it may be fun for the family. I can't wait till Evel Knievel. What this park REALLY needs is a new section of park that's built into the hills at the far end.

    CedarPoint_Freak 26-Jun-2008 04:50:38
    Click to view member photoI think the new coaster i just got to ride was a very smooth simple ride. if u ask me it was a very toned down version of thunderhead at dollywood, i mean come on they were both built by the same company

    roller_freak 28-Jan-2009 06:41:25
    I love this theme park!!! I go there all the time ... it is awesome!!! My favorite ride is Mr. Freeze!! The only ride I do not like is the ninja really jerky!!!

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