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    RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 - Features
    Soaked Features | Wild! Features

    Below is a list of all the confirmed features of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to date. The main source of this information is the official site 1, but other sources have been used to compile this information and they are listed in the reference section at the bottom of this page.

    Updated July 30, 2004

    • Demo - a demo of the game will be released sometime in September 6.
    • Classic View - those who are not used to a 3D environment will be able to switch the game to a classic view 6 (presumably 2D mode?)
    • Import Coasters from RCT 1/2 - as the coaster construction interface is similar, players will be able to import previously saved track designs from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and see them in all their 3D glory 6.
    • Coaster Editor / Scenario Editor - a separate coaster editor will be included to allow people to build coasters without having to worry about other elements of the game. There will also be a scenario editor 6.
    • VIP Guests - the game will feature 5 different V.I.P guests, each of which must be satisfied 6.
    • Photo Spots - guests will take photos of their families, or the player can take the picture for them 6.

    Updated July 10, 2004

    • New 3D Graphics - allowing the park to be viewed from any angle.
    • Coaster Cam - ride all of the rides 4 and the roller coasters from any seat 5, in-person or as a virtual park guest, and look around to see other riders on the ride.
    • Enhanced User Interface - enabling rides to be built easier, however rides are still built with the same "point and click to add a track section", but more banks and curves are included 3.
    • Fireworks MixMaster - players can use pre-built firework displays or create their own, and place them anywhere in the park. Firework displays can be synchronized to in-game pre-set music files or attached to their own MP3's. As with all customizable elements in RCT3, the firework shows can be traded with other players.
    • Custom Music Support - players can add music to all rides from a variety of popular music formats, including MP3. In addition, they can also add music and sound effects to speaker objects that can be placed in the park.
    • Day and Night Cycles - including night, dawn, dusk, moon and stars.
    • Park Lighting System - light up the park by adding lights to paths and rides.
    • More Weather Effects - sunny, rainy, hot, windy, and cold weather will have a direct effect on the guest happiness.
    • Improved Guest AI - guests can exhibit group behavior, and the group has a leader who the other guests generally follow.
    • More Guest Diversity - adults, teenagers, and children, each with their own preferences.
    • Create your own Guests - add family members and friends to the park.
    • Every Guest is Unique - every guest will appear unique with their own personalities and facial expressions.
    • Sandbox Mode - allowing much larger parks than in the scenarios, plus unlimited funds and time.
    • Five Themes 2 - Generic, Spooky, Western, Adventure (jungle and middle eastern), and Sci-fi. All types will be available during play, and players are rewarded for creating themed lands.
    • Improved Shops 2 - including animations, building interiors, and staff. You can go inside shops with the camera and see whatever items you would expect to see in a given shop, e.g., coffee machine, etc.
    • Improved Staff 2 - the original staff members return from RCT 1 and 2, but they can now be trained, and each has their own employee satisfaction rating.
    • More Animatronics 2 - objects can be triggered by rides as trains pass, as well as placed around the park like in RCT2.
    • Improved Terrain Tool 2 - not only do the landscapes look better, but they are easier to manipulate.
    • More scenarios - there are 18 scenarios, most of which are playable on three different levels - apprentice, entrepreneur, and tycoon. Once each scenario has been completed at the most difficult level, new rides and coasters will be unlocked4. Scenarios will no longer be time based, and will include smaller missions 3.
    • More Rides - including 33 different coasters (with 2 or 3 variations of each), video game arcade, and stunt show 4.
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