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Chessington World of Adventures - Review

Chessington World of Adventures

Park Info
Location: Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom
Status: Operating
Attractions: 25
Member Ratings
Park: 6.8/10 (73 votes)
Coasters: 6.3/10 (294 votes)
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    Chessington World of Adventures - Review

    Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 06-Nov-2004 | Based on 2 visits between 04/02-10/04

    Being a big fan of roller coasters my expectations for Chessington were not very high since they have few roller coasters to choose from, however, I had no idea how impressed I would be by the theming in this park; it is some of the best I have seen outside of Disney and Universal. The park is divided into ten themed areas, which includes a free Zoo (Animal Land).The most impressive themed land is the very unique Transylvania, home to the Vampire roller coaster.

    All of the rides, shops, and restaurants in each area are themed, and to add to it, the park is nicely landscaped. The park is quite small, and does not have that many adult rides, but there are plenty of attractions for kids and families. In fact, in 2004 Tussaud's who own and operate the park, have gone all out to convert CWOA into a family park by removing some white knuckle rides. Unfortunately though, they have significantly raised the adult admission price to deter adults and teens from visiting the park without children, who now get in free if they are under 12 and accompanied by someone paying the full admission price (see the official web site for more details.) I am sure this will make a much better atmosphere for families, but it does make it very expensive for anyone who wishes to visit the park and does not have a child.

    Aside from the roller coasters, there are two or three flat rides that will spin and twist you, a couple of water rides, including the impressively themed Dragons Falls, and my favorite attraction at the park, Tomb Blaster, which is an interactive dark ride where you shoot a lazer gun at snakes, monsters, and various other entities to score points; the theming on this ride makes it the best of its kind I have seen.

    I would imagine the park to get very busy during the summer as some of the queue areas are very long, but they are pleasantly landscaped and themed. Waiting times for most major attractions are digitally displayed at the entrance to the ride, which is something a lot more parks should consider.

    They have also expanded their fastrack system to incorporate more rides, so you can insert your entry ticket into a fastrack machine, and receive a ticket, which gives you a designated time to return to the ride without having to join the main queue. Although on my last visit, these free tickets had run out by 1pm!

    Food outlets include several High Street franchises at competitive prices, such as KFC, and the beautifully themed Count's Cauldron McDonalds. The staff are very friendly and polite, and the park is spotlessly clean and very well maintained. Chessington is a great family day out, although die hard coaster fans may be a little short on things to do! However, I consider myself more of a coaster fan than a theme park fan, yet I was still impressed with the park, but due to the lack of thrill rides it is not one I would return to often.

    Coasters:  6/10
    Dark Rides:  7/10
    Flat Rides:  6/10
    Kiddie Rides:  9/10
    Water Rides:  6/10
    Cleanliness:  10/10
    Food:  7/10
    Landscaping:  7/10
    Theming:  9/10
    Staff Friendliness:  9/10
    Staff Efficiency:  8/10



    Ideas for Improvements
  • None.
    Chessington World of Adventures Tips
  • Waiting times for popular attractions are posted outside the attraction and on an information board in Market Square.
  • The park opens at 10am. The Animal Land may open earlier, allowing you to wait at the gates to gain faster entrance into the rest of the park.
  • On busy days you can use your entry ticket to gain free fastrack entrance on 5 rides.

    Member Reviews
    “Chessington Cool!!! It has some cool rides like Vampire,Dragon Fury and Rattlesnake.Vampire swings...” Read More

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