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Miracle Strip Park - Review

Miracle Strip Park

Park Info
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida, United States
Status: Defunct
Opened: 1963 - 2004
Attractions: 31
Member Ratings
Park: 6.4/10 (10 votes)
Coasters: 0.0/10 (0 votes)
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    Miracle Strip Park - Review

    Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 14-Sep-2004 | Based on 1 visit in 09/04

    Miracle Strip Park is located just across from the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. The park has operated successfully for over 40 years, but sadly closed September 5, 2004. Over the years literally hundreds of traditional amusement parks have closed down, and I had never had to opportunity to visit them, and since I had never visited Miracle Strip Park before, I was not about to let this happen again. So I had to bring forward what would have been my 2005 trip to the South West, forward so that I could visit the park during its final operating weekend.

    The day started off in New Orleans, and unfortunately there are no Interstates leading to Panama City, so the drive was a lot longer than I would have liked. I was not even sure if the park was going to be open as Hurricane Frances was rapidly approaching the area; fortunately, the park was operating and there were clear blue skies.

    I arrived at the park at 19.00 and struggled to find a parking space; parking was free. There were long lines at each of the ticket booths, and once inside the park there were lines sprawling out onto the midway for all of the rides. The park charges a gate admission charge of $5.50, which includes a free ride on the Carousel and Train, or you can purchase a pay-one-price wristband for $18, which includes gate admission and all rides. Unfortunately there is no pay-per-ride plan to accompany the gate admission, which seemed a little strange; it also meant that I was not going to get value for money, even with the park closing at 23.15.

    I headed straight for Starliner, the park�s classic out-and-back woodie, which was my reason for visiting the park. In the line I got chatting to a local and she told me that the park was usually this busy during the summer, which made me wonder why it was actually closing. Obviously the park owner must have received a huge sum of money for the land, which incidentally will be converted into Condominiums.

    After my ride on Starliner I explored the rest of the park. I was surprised at how well maintained everything was, the park was clean and tidy, and was oozing with character. The back of park had quite a lot of trees, with several tracked rides meandering though them, and there were a few palm trees and plants dotted around the rest of the park. It was now dark and all of the rides were lit up. The park was full of families, teens, seniors, and just about every kind of person you could imagine, and most of them were equipped with cameras in a frantic bid to capture their last memories at the park.

    With just one roller coaster and one water ride (a Log Flume), the park�s main attractions are dozens of carnival style flat rides, although this might not sound very appealing, several of them are enclosed and themed in unique ways. The Abominable Snowman is an enclosed Scrambler with sound and lighting effects; Dungeon is an enclosed Tilt-A-Whirl, and Dante�s Inferno is an enclosed Trabant; the park also has a Haunted Castle, and an S&S; Power drop and shot tower.

    Due to the long lines I decided to leave the park and check into my accommodation for the night, with a plan to return to the park later once the lines had died down. Unfortunately, it seemed to take forever to get to my accommodation, and I never made it back to the park! So I paid $18 for one ride on Starliner, but I guess it was worth it just to experience the ambience of the park, and to be a part of the park�s history.

    Coasters:  5/10
    Dark Rides:  8/10
    Flat Rides:  8/10
    Kiddie Rides:  5/10
    Water Rides:  5/10
    Cleanliness:  10/10
    Food:  7/10
    Landscaping:  6/10
    Theming:  7/10
    Staff Friendliness:  8/10
    Staff Efficiency:  8/10



    Ideas for Improvements
  • None.
    Miracle Strip Park Tips
  • As an alternative to the pay-one-price, guests can pay a $5.50 gate admission which includes a free ride on the Carousel and Train.

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    “miracle strip park closing is very bittersweet for me .. i worked there as a teenager for 6 years . ...” Read More

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