Six Flags Great Adventure - Review

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Six Flags Great Adventure - Review
Six Flags Great Adventure - Park Info
Location: Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1974
Attractions: 56

Six Flags Great Adventure - Review
Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 25-Oct-2008 | Based on 6 visits between 06/01-05/08

Six Flags Great Adventure opened back in 1974, and became part of the Six Flags chain in 1977. In 2001, SFGAdv took the record of the most rides in any one park, but has since lost this record due to the removal of several rides. They also have a Safari Park that is included free with admission, and a Water Park (Hurricane Harbor) that operates a separate charge.

SFGAdv is a large park divided into eleven themed areas including three kiddy areas; Bugs Bunny National Park, Looney Tunes Seaport, and Wiggles World, plus additional kiddy attractions in the Golden Kingdom. The theming throughout the park is reasonable, with two or three areas standing out, most notably Fantasy Forest, Frontier Adventures, and the Golden Kingdom.

One problem with the park is the layout, there is no complete circuit and it gets tiring walking back and forth between the rides; it is however, nicely landscaped throughout, and is located beside a lake. I'd heard reports that the park is often dirty and run-down, but I saw no evidence of this in any of my visits, although in 2001 one or two areas of the park looked like they had seen better years, but have since been improved.

The park used have a great selection of flat rides and water rides, but several have been removed in recent years, and now I feel the park is lacking in both of these areas. However, the park has a great selection of roller coasters, from the most white-knuckle rides through to a selection of roller coasters that all the family can enjoy.

Admission, food, and the parking prices are expensive, but if you purchase a seasons pass (particularly at a cheaper Six Flags park), you should be able to get better value for money, well at least out of admission. I have eaten twice at Best of the West grill which I have to say does some nice burgers, and is comparatively reasonably priced.

I really like this park as there is a lot to see and do, however, with New York not far away it is one of the busiest regional parks I have ever visited. Fortunately, most of the coasters are high capacity, and the staff does a reasonable job at dispatching trains. It's just a shame that they never seem to have all of their rides open, particularly the flat rides. SFGAdv is a great park for thrill seekers and coaster enthusiasts, but can be a little rowdy at times.

2008 Update


This was simply the best visit I had ever had to this park, and one of the best visits I have had to a park ever. This was facilitated by the fact I purchased a Gold Flashpass so I never had to wait longer than 20 minutes for rides with 2 hour plus waits. I was in the park from 10:15 until 22:15.

The park was packed, but I never saw any trash anywhere, the restrooms were all spotless and clean, I saw no one cutting line (although I wasn't in line other than the station) and no one was smoking other than in designated areas. The park looked in a good state of repair, nothing stood out as needing a coat of paint or refurbishing.

All rides were open accept the Rapids (it was May), and maximum trains were being run on all rides, although one side was shut on Rolling Thunder. The staff was doing a good job at dispatching the trains and they were polite and friendly and asking if 'how was your ride?' In addition to this there was a line of staff at the end of the night giving high fives to leaving guests, I wanted to go to Guest Services to thank them for a great day, but didn't bother in the end as I was so tired.

One thing to note is they now operate a no loose articles policy on most rides, which not only means you cannot take loose articles on the rides (which has always been the case), but you can no longer leave them on the station platform. I saw several riders having to leave the train because they had bags and purses, so either leave them with a non-rider or use a locker; there are usually signs or a ride host who will tell you this when you enter the line.

This is one park I would visit again and again due to the fact they have some fantastic roller coasters here, so even if one of them is closed you still have others to choose from. The water ride and flat ride selection is pretty poor though and seems to get worse every year! However there are at least three sections for kids.

Be prepared for large crowds and very long lines during holidays, weekends, and when new major rides have opened. Visit during a weekday if you can, or purchase a Gold Flashpass which means you will probably have to wait no longer than 20 minutes for any ride even when lines are 2 hours long. To make the most of your Flashpass visit when the park is open until 10pm.

Member Ratings
Park: 8.3/10 (309 votes)
7.2/10 (3190 votes)
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Coasters:  10/10
Dark Rides:  6/10
Flat Rides:  6/10
Kiddie Rides:  9/10
Water Rides:  6/10
Cleanliness:  9/10
Food:  7/10
Landscaping:  7/10
Theming:  7/10
Staff Friendliness:  8/10
Staff Efficiency:  8/10



Ideas for Improvements
  • Add more flat rides.
    Six Flags Great Adventure Tips
  • The park gets extremely busy. Avoid the weekends at all costs.

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