Six Flags Magic Mountain - Review

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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Review
Six Flags Magic Mountain - Park Info
Location: Valencia, California, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1971
Attractions: 40

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Review
Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 26-Oct-2008 | Based on 16 visits between 03/85-04/08

Magic Mountain must be one of the most aptly named parks in the world; for it is a magic place for coasters, and is built on top of a small mountain. This provides perfect terrain for building roller coasters, and indeed four of the park’s roller coaster make perfect use of the surrounding area, with the Revolution being one of the most beautifully landscaped rides operating today.

SFMM has been known as the “Rambo of Amusement Parks“ and the “Xtreme Park“, due to its large collection of white-knuckle coasters. In 2001, SFMM took the record of the most coasters in any one park, although there is much debate as to whether Superman The Escape is a roller coaster or not! In 2007 they removed two of the roller coasters so they no longer hold that record or seem to be competing for it. The park is also home to Hurricane Harbor Water Park, which has a separate admission charge, but there are no shortage of water rides within the park itself. SFMM has one of the best selection of water rides in a park, including two flume rides, one of the wettest rapids rides I have ridden, a shute-the-chutes, and a water slide ride.

The park is divided into nine themed areas, including the Gotham City Backlot, Rapids Camp Crossing, a Movie District and two kids areas: Bugs Bunny World and Thomas Town (new in 2008), so there is no shortage of kiddie rides, however, there is a shortage of flat rides and family rides (i.e., rides that parents and children can enjoy together.)

Lines at weekends and during holidays become very long, but if you plan your trip outside of these, you can often be lucky and be one of only a few thousand in the park. One major advantage of SFMM is the Californian climate enabling it to open all year round, although it is only open weekends out of season. On the downside, you have to stand in line in the blazing heat, and due to the terrain, it can become very tiresome walking around the park. It can take a full day (say from 10am to 6pm) to ride all of the parks rides even if the park is not busy. However there is lots of shade and most of the queues are shaded and pleasantly landscaped with tropical plants.

The park operates a Fast Lane for $20 (in 2008) that allows you speed through the lines on 4 selected attractions, while I do not agree with this charge, the system would be very useful on busy days as only a limited number are sold. Unfortunately, the pass does not usually include X or Deja Vu, and the rides vary from day to day.

In all my visits to SFMM I have always had a great time, and I have never found any reason to complain. The park has always been clean, and the rides have usually been run efficiently. I've never seen any gangs or trouble, or been annoyed by line jumpers and people smoking in line. The coaster variety is incredible, but they could do with a few more modern flat rides.

There are a variety of places to eat, but they are not cheap; as with most corporate parks. Mooseburger Lodge looks to be the best of these with a nice setting, although I did not eat here. One of my favorite things at the park, aside form the roller coasters is the landscaping - there are trees, plants and flowers everywhere (except Scream) making it a pleasure to walk around.

2008 Update


On my last visit in 2008 I could see many major improvements: several rides had been painted; the staff were friendlier, all rides were open (except X which was closed for refurbishment), and all of the roller coasters that can run two trains were running two trains (except for Colossus), even though the park was empty. There were also characters all over the park.

If you have visited this park a few years ago and you did not enjoy your visit, then I would highly recommend giving it another chance because I have seen many improvements and would recommend this park to anyone.

Member Ratings
Park: 8.9/10 (354 votes)
7.5/10 (4495 votes)
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Coasters:  10/10
Dark Rides:  N/A
Flat Rides:  5/10
Kiddie Rides:  7/10
Water Rides:  9/10
Cleanliness:  9/10
Food:  7/10
Landscaping:  9/10
Theming:  8/10
Staff Friendliness:  7/10
Staff Efficiency:  7/10



Ideas for Improvements
  • Remove the shoulder restraints and trim brakes from Revolution.
  • Build a good Wooden coaster (they are building one for 2009).
  • Operate 2 trains where possible, and have more rides open (they now seem to have done this.)
    Six Flags Magic Mountain Tips
  • Avoid weekends and holidays.
  • Arrive at the park before opening and head straight to X2 if it is operating.
  • The coasters are busy morning and evenings, the water rides are busy during the afternoon.

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    Member Reviews
    “I really loved my visit to SFMM. It was a dream of mine to go there, so it was surreal when I arrive...” Read More
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