Six Flags New England - Review

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Six Flags New England - Review
Six Flags New England - Park Info
Location: Agawam, Massachusetts, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1840
Attractions: 47

Six Flags New England - Review
Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 18-May-2008 | Based on 3 visits between 06/01-05/08

In 2000 the park formerly known as Riverside became Six Flags New England, and with it came a whole new themed area Superhero Adventures containing one of the world's best steel roller coasters, Superman - Ride of Steel. However, SFNE has a lot more to offer than just its signature ride, including some of the best theming in a Six Flags park.

Upon entering the park, Main Street Plaza recreates a great turn of the century atmosphere. Other well-themed areas include the 1950's style Rockville USA, and Superhero Adventures. The park features a standard set of water rides, including the uniquely themed Blizzard River rapids ride. The Island Kingdom Water Park is also included free with admission. SFNE also has quite a few flat rides, which is probably the second best selection I've seen in a Six Flags park, after Great Adventure, although I?m usually too busy riding coasters to experience flat rides.

Unfortunately, the park does get somewhat crowded, which can result in very long lines. Based on my visits, the crowds are not unbearable and are usually only noticeable in the lines or trying to get up and down of the rather narrow stairs that lead to Superhero Adventures. The layout of the park doesn't help because it is one long narrow strip, with several dead end areas.

The park was very clean and appeared well maintained. Landscaping is nice, and the riverside setting really sets off Superman Ride of Steel. Sadly, on busy days, SFNE is quite bad for line jumping and people smoking in line, with several perpetrators engaging simultaneously in both activities. I think Six Flags are aware of this problem, and on SROS I have seen security guards in the line as a deterrent. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, the offenders seem to think if there's no security guard in line for Mind Eraser, then it must be okay to cut the line.

Overall, SFNE has a great selection of rides to cater for all the family, with two dedicated kiddie areas, a water park, and several roller coasters, all packaged in a nicely themed and landscaped environment. I would suggest trying to visit out of season so you can appreciate the park more without being stuck in lines or crowds.

2008 Update

Visited on Sunday in May and expected the park to be busy but it wasn't. I only stayed for 3 hours because I got a little bored because Superman broke down and when I looked around there was not much else I wanted to ride. I am not a great fan of flat rides, and the coaster collection is actually pretty bad other than Superman, with Cyclone and Batman being the only two other good rides, and they are not exactly the best of their genre.

I have always enjoyed this park but this time the ride operators were pushing down the restraints so much that it was actually uncomfortable; I accept restraints need to tight for safety reasons but there is no need to shove them down so they cripple male riders, and it wasn't like the dispatch rates were any good anyway because they were stacking trains on Superman every ride.

I won't be going back in a hurry.

Member Ratings
Park: 7.5/10 (177 votes)
6.5/10 (1531 votes)
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Coasters:  8/10
Dark Rides:  5/10
Flat Rides:  7/10
Kiddie Rides:  7/10
Water Rides:  6/10
Cleanliness:  8/10
Food:  6/10
Landscaping:  7/10
Theming:  8/10
Staff Friendliness:  7/10
Staff Efficiency:  6/10



Ideas for Improvements
  • Remove Mind Eraser and replace it with a B&M; Inverted.
    Six Flags New England Tips
  • Arrive at the park early and head straight to Goliath as it is slow loading.
  • Cyclone does not usually operate in or on rainy days.

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    Operating Rating Votes
    1. Bizarro - Review 9.58 269
    2. Wicked Cyclone 9.25 12
    3. Batman - Dark Knight - Review 7.57 220
    4. Goliath 7.00 30
    5. Pandemonium 6.62 118
    6. Thunderbolt - Review 6.39 205
    7. Flashback - Review 5.31 180
    8. Mind Eraser - Review 5.16 199
    9. Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham 4.93 43
    10. Catwoman's Whip - Review 4.53 161
    11. Great Chase - Review 3.70 94
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Whirlwind Racer 10.00 1
    2. Giant Dip 9.00 1
    3. Greyhound 9.00 1
    4. Lightning 9.00 1
    5. Wild Mouse 7.00 1
    6. Cyclone - Review 6.65 205
    7. Black Widow 5.25 24
    8. Wildcat 5.00 2
    9. Little Rickies Little Twister 4.30 10

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