Six Flags Over Georgia - Review

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Six Flags Over Georgia - Review
Six Flags Over Georgia - Park Info
Location: Austell, Georgia, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1967
Attractions: 44

Six Flags Over Georgia - Review
Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 17-Mar-2004 | Based on 4 visits between 10/00-03/04

Six Flags Over Georgia opened in 1967 as the second Six Flags park. The park is divided into 10 themed areas: The Promenade, Georgia, British, USA, French, Spanish, Confederate, Cotton States, Lickskillet, and Gotham City. The majority of the themes are not very detailed, for instance, you could walk through them and not really know what the theme was. However, most of the buildings and ride stations throughout the park are generally pleasant to look at, and create a kind of traditional amusement park atmosphere.

The park is nicely landscaped with plenty of trees and a small lake towards the back of the park. The park also has an interesting layout including several small hills, but there are one or two dead end areas where you will have to double back on yourself to move on.

The park has a good variety of roller coasters, most of which are above average; they also have three drop rides, including the Stand-up Floorless drop tower, Acrophobia, which is easily the most thrilling drop ride to date. The park offers the usual selection of water rides and pay as you play attractions, but it is a little lacking on modern flat rides.

For the 2004 season five new family rides have been added, which will make a welcome addition to families since the park was a little lacking in that area. The park has several kiddie rides in Bugs Bunny World to cater for the young ones, as well as a few other attractions such as Monster Plantation, an enclosed boat ride, which becomes very popular during Halloween. SFOG also has a variety of shows, but I did not get to sample any of these.

Food and admission prices are average for a theme park of this size, but parking is quite expensive and ranges from $10-$12. My visits to SFOG have all been enjoyable, and although I have never spent a full day in the park, I always feel like I could stay longer. The park has always been clean and appears well maintained. I have never had reason to complain about the staff, however, I haven't had reason to praise them either. SFOG is one of the better theme parks in the Six Flags chain, and I would definitely recommend visiting.

Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (161 votes)
7.1/10 (1652 votes)
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Coasters:  8/10
Dark Rides:  5/10
Flat Rides:  6/10
Kiddie Rides:  6/10
Water Rides:  7/10
Cleanliness:  7/10
Food:  6/10
Landscaping:  7/10
Theming:  7/10
Staff Friendliness:  7/10
Staff Efficiency:  7/10



Ideas for Improvements
  • Add some modern flat rides.
    Six Flags Over Georgia Tips
  • Arrive early and ride Deja Vu and Superman first.
  • Some nearby hotels offer cheaper parking.

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    Member Reviews
    “this is considered one of the greatest parks in the south east. but probably not. people who say tha...” Read More
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    Six Flags Over Georgia - Roller Coasters
    Operating Rating Votes
    1. Goliath 9.26 102
    2. Superman: Ultimate Flight - Review 8.36 152
    3. Dare Devil Dive 7.88 26
    4. Batman: The Ride - Review 7.76 184
    5. Mind Bender - Review 7.61 196
    6. Georgia Scorcher - Review 7.41 176
    7. Great American Scream Machine - Review 7.19 201
    8. Georgia Cyclone - Review 7.08 198
    9. Ninja - Review 5.41 183
    10. Dahlonega Mine Train - Review 5.06 181
    11. Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster - Review 4.85 53
    Defunct Rating Votes
    1. Deja Vu - Review 8.14 90
    2. Viper 6.37 51
    3. Z-Force 5.22 9

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