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Stratosphere Tower - Review

Stratosphere Tower

Park Info
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1996
Attractions: 3
Member Ratings
Park: 6.5/10 (91 votes)
Coasters: 0.0/10 (0 votes)
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    Stratosphere Tower - Review

    Review by: Webmaster | Last update: 25-Jan-2006 | Based on 3 visits between 09/97-11/06

    The Stratosphere Tower is America's tallest freestanding observation tower, and the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, rising to a pinnacle of 1,149 feet. It features the world's highest thrill rides, and used to feature the world's highest roller coaster, the High Roller which closed at the end of 2005.

    Admission to the tower costs $10.95 and discounts are available for seniors, children, hotel guests and local residents. The rides are operate Sun-Thurs from 10 am to 1am and Fri-Sat from 10am to 2am. Various ride packages are available including all-day unlimited rides for $30.95, which includes tower admission; discount vouchers (usually about $4) can often be found in various Las Vegas magazines. Individual ride tickets can also be purchased before you go up the tower or whilst you are there.

    Aside from the rides, the tower features indoor and outdoor observation decks, the Top of the World restaurant which revolves 360 degrees every hour, a gift shop, a bar, and a fast food deli. The outdoor observation deck offers astounding views of Las Vegas and is best viewed at night. Be careful what time you visit during the day because glare from the sun can often spoil photographs.

    As for the rides, the oldest is the Big Shot, an S&S; Power Space Shot that catapults riders from a platform at the tower's 921 feet level to 1,081 feet in the sky at speeds of up to 45 mph, resulting in 4 g's on the way up. This sort of tower ride can be found at many theme parks around the world, but the one difference is this one is located over 900 feet above the ground, so it makes it all the more scary and an absolute must for adrenalin junkies.

    X Scream was added to the tower in 2003, and dangles riders 27 feet over the edge of the tower on a see-saw style mechanism which slides riders back and forth. Unfortunately this attraction was closed on my visit so I have no idea what it is like.

    Insanity is an Interactive Rides Inverted Centrifuge, which was added in 2005. It consists of a giant arm that extends 64 feet over the edge of the tower and spins riders around in a centrifuge that generates up to 3 g’s. Basically there is nothing below you other than the seat you are sitting in and you are suspended 906 feet above the ground below. Even if you are not afraid of height this ride is very daunting, and the spinning motion is a little nauseating, best place to look is at the person opposite you. I found this ride very unnerving, but an absolute must as there is nothing else like it in the world.

    Overall, the Stratosphere Tower is a must see attraction for anyone visiting Las Vegas for the first time. The views are simply the best, the restaurant is highly rated, although expensive, and the rides are unique and thrilling, even just to watch.

    Coasters:  N/A
    Dark Rides:  N/A
    Flat Rides:  7/10
    Kiddie Rides:  N/A
    Water Rides:  N/A
    Cleanliness:  10/10
    Food:  8/10
    Landscaping:  N/A
    Theming:  N/A
    Staff Friendliness:  7/10
    Staff Efficiency:  7/10



    Ideas for Improvements
  • None.
    Stratosphere Tower Tips
  • Individual rides cost $9 each. Various combinations of tickets can be purchased.

    Member Reviews
    “Xscream was the scariest ride ive ever been on insanity was insane and big shot was so fun try them ...” Read More

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