Top 20 Coasters FAQ

What is the Top 20 Coasters?

The Top 20 Coasters is a feature that allows you to compile and view a ranked list of your favorite roller coasters. In order for you to create your Top 20, you must have at least one roller coaster in your Track Record.

How do I view my Top 20 Coasters?

Your Top 20 will appear automatically when you access the Top 20 Coasters page. You must be a registered member or logged in to view or compile your Top 20. If you get the message "There are no coasters in this Top 20" then you have not compiled one and you will need to do so in order to view it (see below).

How do I compile/edit my Top 20 Coasters?

Click the "Edit Your Top 20 Coasters" button near the top of the page and your top rated coasters will be displayed. You can then assign positions by selecting a value in the matching selection box. Once you have finished ranking the coasters, click on "Submit Rankings" and your Top 20 will be displayed.

Note: To exclude a coaster from your Top 20 simply leave it "Not Ranked".

Can I give two or more coasters the same Ranking?

Yes, but you can only have a maximum of 20 coasters in your Top 20.

Can I delete a coaster from my Top 20?

Yes, simply change the existing ranking to "Not Ranked".

Why are some of my favorite coasters not featured on the "Edit Your Top 20 Coasters" page?

You must rate the coasters first before they appear in the edit Top 20 page. See the Track Record FAQ.

Why does the "Edit Your Top 20 Coasters" page only show 100 coasters when I have more in my Track Record?

This is to speed up the page loading and to reduce the amount of memory the page requires to display correctly. Since the page displays your top rated coasters, it is assumed you should be able to compile your Top 20 from your top 100 rated coasters.

Can I have separate Top 20's for steel and wooden coasters?

No, but you can use positions 1-10 for your 10 favorite steel coasters, and positions 11-20 for your 10 favorite wooden coasters. Or you could list your wooden top 10 first if you generally prefer wooden to steel coasters.