Track Record FAQ

My Track Record

What is the Track Record?

The Track Record is a feature that you can use to save a list or count of all the rollers coasters you have ridden, and all of the theme parks you have visited. In order for us to identify your Track Record you must be a registered member of Coaster Grotto.

How do I add a coaster to my Track Record?

You add coasters and parks to your Track Record by Rating them from either:

  • a Coaster Info Page;
  • or a Ratings Form.

Once you have accessed the relevant page, simply select the rating you wish to give for the coaster from the selection list, and click either the "Update" or "Submit Ratings" buttons.

Coaster Info Pages are accessible by clicking on a hyperlink to a rollercoaster (e.g., any roller coaster name which is a link.) Ratings Forms are accessible by clicking on the "Rate" button from a Park Review or Park Info Page.

Can I delete a park or coaster from my Track Record?

Yes, you can delete coasters from either the relevant Coaster Info Page, or from the Ratings Form. However, you can only delete parks from a Ratings Form.

Once you have accessed the relevant page (as described above), simply change the rating for the coaster or park to "No Rating", and click either "Update" or "Submit Ratings".

Some of the parks/coasters I want to rate are not listed!

You can add new parks and coasters to the database by selecting "Add a Park" or "Add a Coaster" from the main menu, or from the links on the Park or Coaster Directory pages.

What are "Laps"?

Laps represent the number of times you have ridden a particular coaster. To change the number of laps, access the Coaster Info Page or Ratings Form (as described above), and enter the value in the Laps field on the form. You must then click on "Update" or "Sumbit Ratings" for the changes to take effect.

Note: You must rate the coaster for the Laps value to be saved.

I can't remember how many Laps I've had!

You do not need to enter a Laps value in order for the coaster to be added to your Track Record. You can either leave the field blank or enter an estimated value.

Note: + signs are not permitted.

Code of Conduct

Please do not abuse this system and spoil it for others by doing one or more of the following:

  • Hyping your favorite park by rating everything 10/10.
  • Trashing a park by rating everything 1/10.
  • Rating things higher or lower than you truly believe, so that the current rating falls more in line with what you think it should be.
  • Creating multiple accounts so you can duplicate your ratings.

The ratings exist to let readers know what the 'general feeling' about a park or coaster is. If everyone (or even a few) people corrupt the results then the ratings become worthless.

We feel very strongly about this at Coaster Grotto, and run regular sweeps to check for suspicious ratings, and any such findings will be deleted, and may result in your membership being terminated.